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Rush Attack and Divine VIgor


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The following question was posed in our local gaming forum. We are all interested to see what the official ruling would be:


I have a question about a combination of the SA Rush Attack and the spell Divine Vigor.


In the Rules it states the following:


"Rush Attack"

To use this SA, a model must use both a Move Action and a Charge Action (in that order). If at the end of the Charge Action the model is in B2B with an enemy model, this model makes a single melee attack against any one enemy model it is in B2B with. The defending model may not make more than one Defensive Strike against each Rush Attack model that attacked it with the Rush Attack. All regular melee rules and SAs still apply. This attack is resolved along with any other Fight Actions performed by other models during this Activation, as per usual combat rules.


"Divine Vigor"

Target model gains +1 #Melee Attack for its next Combat Action.



I wanted to present this question and hopefully receive some help from the forum. If I were to cast Divine Vigor on a unit and then used that unit to make a Rush Attack, does that unit that did the Rush Attack receive the +1 #Melee Attack for having Divine Vigor?




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A strict interpretation of the rules would conclude that the Rush Attack model does NOT gain the benefit of Divine Vigor, because it is not conducting a Combat Action. It is simply using its SA to gain a free melee attack as part of a Charge Action.

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