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Skeleton Warrior Mounted and GW Space Marine

Darius Glenwell

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Took some time off from painting to finish of the kids book I was illustrating. Now I'm back to work on some minis. After these two I'm hoping to get some of Tre's Black Orcs painted up and posted. Painted these 2 up for some table top gaming. The GW Space Marine is for my Nephew. The mounted Skeleton Warrior is from my late friend Mark's stash of minis. Thanks for looking. Enjoy! post-4948-12714444475831_thumb.jpg






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Thank you Thasia! Glad to be posting again too.


Ferox. Only painted a couple of the space marines so far. This guy is plastic! Not used to having such a light weight mini!


Thank you all for the nice words. Good to be putting paint to pewter again. Hopefully will have some Black Orcs by Tre Manor up later this week early next week at the latest.

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Awesome stuff! I like the coloring on the skeletal rider on the bones, and the metal armor on the marines is beautiful! The metal is really amazing, the fluctuations of color are very realistic. How did you do it/ what colors were you using? It's very impressive! I can't wait to see more of your work! The shield on the skeletal rider is also great too, very atmospheric.

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After seeing some of your work I should be the one asking you for advice! lol


For the metals I used GW Gun Bolt for the base coat.


I then washed it all in black. Gave it a slight drybrush of pewter.

Then I washed it all in GW flesh wash. Dry brushed it in pewter again, then started adding in some GW snake bite leather for even more depth, shading, and rust feel.


Then I just kept repeating the process with the washes and highlights until I am using pure silver.


Same with the gold pieces. I started with bronze and used the same washes and highlighted up to Kim Gold.


I use a lot of regular craft paints, so my colors may differ a bit from yours.


Hope this helps, and thank you for the nice compliments!

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