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D&D 4th ed Fast Crawl question


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Just curious what exactly is this??




Also thanks for letting me host one of the game at RCON this year!!




The 4e Fast Crawl is an event organized by the fine folks at Radio Free Hommlet (www.hommlet.com). They described it to me as essentially a 1-hour Dungeon delve with pregen characters. It's a fast way to learn 4e rules, or if you already know them, have some quick fun in an ever changing dungeoncrawl for reaperbucks. They'll be running the crawls each day until dinner, all day, so everyone can have a chance to hop in.


If you're familiar with the WotC product Dungeon Delves, this is similar although the maps and encounters are custom.

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thanks Bryan


Pretty much sounds like what I was gonna do if I was able to get a 4e rpg time slot, other then I was gonna use Dungeon Delve & based a 4 hour session around it.


I may have to jump on a game.

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Sooooo many fora to keep up with. I should have been paying attention so I could answer questions like this.


Bryan pretty much explained it. The RFH crew is coming with a bunch of encounter groups and dungeon maps and pregenerated characters. Reaper is generously providing miniatures. We have two tables running, and each encounter should last around an hour. We figured that'd be better than 4-hour sessions since it lets more people play, and it means you don't have to skip out on a bunch of classes just to play one game.


The characters are 3rd level, I think. That's a good level because you start to get a little more cool stuff than at 1st level, but not so much that it's overwhelming to keep track of. (You'd think I'd know what level the characters are since I'm organizing this thing...)


We'll have five different maps, and several different sets of monsters, so every run should be a unique experience.


And you get loot (in the form of Reaperbucks) :)


David Goodner (aka DM David)

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