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LOTR villans


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Decided to take a little break and just paint a few models for fun. I spent about 2 hours on Grishnak from start to finish and maybe 3 on Saruman. Not too shabby for the quick work. Nothing like Meg's but a lot of fun to paint. As Meg said, it's a shame the molds aren't better on these models, they really are great characters.


Anyway, comments and critiques are always welcome. Thank you for looking.


Pez :zombie:



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Lovely!! Please spill the recipe for that red skintone. It's just what I'm looking for.


I'm not 100% sure about the colors I used on Grishnak. One problem with painting models this quickly is i'm not really paying attention to the specific colors, just the overall feel of the model so it's cohesive and doesn't look like rubish. I looked through my paints and i'm pretty sure I used the following Reaper Master Series colors: Brown Liner 09064, Chestnut Brown 09071, Rust Brown 09072, Golden Shadow 09091. Obviously there was some blending of colors along the way.


I hope this helps. Thanks for the positive feedback gang!


pez :zombie:

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