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I've often deployed my models with the ranger move in mind , i.e; a run around behind some sort of cover or to get a better LOS on some models for ranged shots or even to get them into range like with my Ivy Crown Archers . At 24" deployed , they may not be in range , but give them a ranger move 6" they just might be and they can then rapid shoot . :devil:

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Ranger is very hot in a scenario game that calls for standing on an objective. If you can be part way there already it really opens up your options. Sure many models in the game can run to stand on an objective in the middle, but it's basically the sole territory of the Rangers to be able to *charge* onto an objective - which gives you an early chance to kick off an offending enemy troop.


In a straight up battle I often deploy my rangers to a flank. The objective of a flanking force is, of course, to actually turn the flank and begin hitting the squishy bits behind the enemy's front line. Having Ranger speeds that up by half a turn, which may not sound like much but it really is an advantage. Often it forces your opponent to throw resources into staving off your rangers, which weakens their front. Always a positive thing for you.


In cases like the People of the Desert Wind doctrine for Nefsokar, when the whole army has access to ranger (depending on how you build your list of course) Ranger just gets you a smidgen closer in order to get into the fray quicker.


I often find that in games of Warlord turn 1 is mostly ranged probing and a big rush towards the middle. Turn 2 is where it gets really nasty. Ranger changes that dynamic by creating the potential for 1st turn combat. Many players count on not having to worry about melee on turn 1, so introducing that possibility rocks their plan.


Those are my thoughts on Ranger at any rate. Certainly if your opponent has overwhelming ranged strength, your Rangers are kindof putting themselves on the proverbial golf tee unless you can tuck them into a forest or whatnot.

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You are correct to a point in your thinking. Ranger is a great SA to get a leg up on your opponent. But, then again, it also can be walking right into your opponent's hands as well depending on what they bring to the table and how you both deploy. Ranger models with lower DVs walking forward just to get within the range of enemy arrows is not very smart. So, placement and situation definitely play a role in how affective it will be for any player.


I know some people that will place Ranger models way over to one side of their deployment zone just to see if they can lure the opponent to spread out their deployment a bit, and then will use their ranger move to move back towards the other side of the deployment zone, not necessarily moving towards the enemy, but just to strengthen their other side.


Then of course, al those examples that others listed above come into play when and if the situation is right.


Obviously, when there is a decent amount of terrain on the table it is easier to use Ranger for moving forward.

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