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#02741 Sea Nymph "Shelled"


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As I promised after my last post, I was going to start getting some more Reaper Miniatures done. This Sea Nymph has been one I have been working on, then putting off, and then working on again. In Fact this is her second painting. I did not like the way she was turning out the 1st time so I stripped off the paint and went at it again.


This version is improved and I like how she came out. The only thing that bothered me this time were the eyes. The eye that is in the shadow is real hard to get to, and after a lot of expletives and tossed paint rags, I got an eye in there. It is not a perfect eye, but I decided that it is probably as good as it gets. Thank God that it is not visible unless you have some magnification.


She was supposed to be another Skin tone and layering practice piece, because I needed the practice, but she turned into an obsession and then a frustration.


I guess I was trying to make her the best I could, because I had made her nice sea shell base weeks before and I was not going to put a poor example of her on it.


I have seen another example of her in an open two piece shell as if she were a pearl, so I wanted to do it a little different and leave off the top half, and use the bottom shell as a sort of 3D canvas for the beach.


Comments and Critiques are most welcome as always.







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looks great!though I'd hate to see the crab that crawls out of the shell next to her =P. and i love the sea star in her hair it's different enough to bring attention to it though not so bright as to say holy bleeeeeeeeeep! once again looks amazing.

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Thanks Everyone. I appreciate the feedback and i am glad everyone seems to like her.


I am debating putting her up for the inspiration gallery. What do you all think?



Go for it bro....I draw inspiration from your work for one, so it would make sense right?

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Looks really nice. I love the colors you chose and your photos are very nice and clear. Some of the best photos I've seen. Keep up the good work!


One thing I find very distracting and detracts from looking at the mini is that bare wooden block. To help it blend in and not be a distraction paint it black. Even if this is just a prop for taking photos, painting it black will make it disappear. Right now it's distracting because you've got this great mini and as your eye moves down the piece you see the black base and then this bright piece of wood.

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