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Nicely sculpted. I guess I now know I have to buy more miniatures in May. I'll just hold off on my current shopping list until she comes available and I'll add her to it. Makes me kind of sad I can not join you all at the Con.

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That looks really cool. Good job, Gene! I just found my 2004 RCon Sophie after not knowing where it was for six (seven?) years. Could someone tell me who sculpted that?


Thanks!! I'm happy with the way she turned out. Haldir is right, it was Gael who sculpted the first Sophie. ::D:

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I would like to get a 2010 Convention Sophie, but I won't get to any conventions. Who would like to pick me up 2.


I have Paypal and I'm not afraid to use it. But Reaper isn't selling it online.


Just to be clear, I'm not talking about the biker Sophie, but the kneeling near a gravestone one.




This Sophie:


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