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My first minis (C&C welcome)


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Thanks everyone, for the nice comments! I've been lurking here for the past two or three years, so I'm familiar with some of the names in this thread. You all do great work!


To reply to a few comments/questions...


...as for an art background: Not really (especially painting such tiny figures!) :lol: But I used to draw and paint oils/watercolors in my teen years; but I was just mediocre... and I've doubled in age since then, and haven't touched a paintbrush since! haha. I have a professional background in photography and videography, so maybe that helps. I'm always looking at lighting and color in nature, just out of habit. Trying to mix paint to get the results I picture in my head is a challenge, though!


I used to paint plastic models (airplanes, tanks, etc), build dioramas and some model railroad scenery when I was a kid... and I also built balsa radio control airplanes for a bit as an adult. So, I've got skills with superglue, plaster, balsa and Xacto knifes, I guess. :lol: But these are the smallest things I've ever tried to paint.. very challenging!



The minis above, I think I spent about 2-3 weeks each on them. A few hours on most weeknights. I painted really slow!


I kind of rushed the Female Elf, since I wanted to finish it in time for a Christmas present to my Wife.

MikeD, I agree about the flat color on the yellow parts of the robe. I base coated it in yellow and then put a thin wash of black on it to bring out the details. But it turned the yellow to a greenish hue (I remembered, too late, that yellow + black = green). So I tried to touch up parts with yellow, while trying not to get back into the recessed areas. I found that really hard to do, so after getting rid of green spots, I just left it. Looking back, maybe I should've used a dark brown to wash the yellow parts of the robe? Her skin tone definitely needed more contrast, and the base is a little dull. But I ran out of time to fiddle with it anymore on Christmas eve, and had to seal it with matte varnish. Hehe. Incidentally, the blue crystal on the staff came out looking horrible, imo, so a week after Christmas, I touched it up and was much happier with the result. (the picture above has the finished version that I liked).


On Tsuko the Monk, I had a lot more time to paint him; I think it took me a month of a few weeknights. I used more layers of highlights on the red and skin tones than the previous minis.


As for websites and stuff.. I read tips here, of course, and "the craft" section of reapermini.com... tutorials on CMoN, brushthralls and similar sites.. pretty much everything I found under a "painting miniatures" google search. And also Anne Foerster's Learn to Paint Kits. ::):


Putting it into practice is more difficult than how it seemed in the tutorials though! The pictures above don't show how many times I had to redo certain parts or clean up mistakes. I made lots of mistakes on each one, and at some point for each miniature, I wanted to pull my hair out. But in the end, I'm pretty happy with how they came out.


Some things I learned so far..

It really helped to have a watercolor notebook to keep track of color schemes and mix/ratios.

Kolinsky sable brushes were easier to use than my older nylon/synthetic brushes.

I attached my minis to wooden spools (1 1/2" x 2 1/8") while painting. They really help hold the figure steady and make them easy to rotate.

Watering down PVA glue too much when trying to attach rocks/flock made them come loose when I started painting the base. (Some thin CA glue solved that)

Eyes are scary to paint! It's going to take some time to get used to painting them.. I have no idea how some people manage to get color and light reflections on theirs. Amazing!


Anyway, thanks again for the comments. I really had a lot of fun painting them!

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