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Old West


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So, a couple of years back I picked up Aces & Eights, a really nice Old West RPG from Kenzer and Company. I purchased a bunch of minis from Black Scorpion in the hopes of putting together a campaign.

Sadly I never got the campaign off the ground but I’ve been using the old west figs as a skirmish group and, with the new Chronoscope figs, I’ve been adding to my army. I finally got around to painting more this weekend and thought I’d post the lot so far.


I really like the animated pose of Crazy Pete the Prospector (who looks suspiciously like Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2).


Another look-alike is the new O'Doul the Bartender which is similar to Leon Rippy’s version of Tom Nuttall, but I gave my red hair to match his name-sake.


Here is the bartender with his ‘favorite’ drunk.


I have about a dozen more old west minis to paint, but my ADD won’t let me stay on one theme too long. Oh look, something shinny.

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The bottles are easy. The bartender's bottle was primed gray so I washed it with GW's Mud wash. I then layered on some thinned Muddy Brown from the bottom up and tried to make the fluid look level.

The only real trick is, instead of the Matte Varnish I use for the rest of the fig, I use a thick coat of Gloss Varnish. It makes it stand out.

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