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Scales and Tails


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I did this piece for a challenge on the WAMP ladder (WAMP Forum).


First, I have to thank Jabberwocky for his midstream critique that helped me considerably and pushed me to be better than I would have myself. ::):



Title: Hello. My name is Indigo Draconia; you killed my father; prepare to die!







14442, Gam-Nan, Gaan-Hor Elder:







03390, Lizardman Tyrant:






As always, comments are most welcome.





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The hilarity of the continuity of the scene put this over the top!!


I'm guessing the Lizardman Tyrant is using a dragonscale from "Indigo Montoya's" father!!!


Great painting, jaw dropping diorama, and then The Princess Bride referenced!!


Made my whole day.


Kings to you.

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Overall, I think ths is one of the most impressive pieces I have seen in some time. My one critique if I have to find one, is that while you have hidden the base of the lizard man, the base of the dragon (the blue guy), is a bit more obivious with the square edges. Again though this is a very impressive piece and very well though out.

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