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Scales and Tails


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please include a picture of just the scene base without the models. I love how you made them fit in it.


As requested:




The base is a piece of aluminum. It is built up with green stuff and I sculpted the rocks and the little horned lizard (on the base of the dragon man). I matched the rocks to those on the base of the Lizardman. The sand areas are actually covered in a super fine sand I have. The grass is Silflor Buffalo Grass.


@captianenglish: This was my first diorama. If I had to do it again, I'd base the Dragon man on an irregular base so i could blend it in better.


@Versutus V.: A wood base would be nice. I ran out of time for the contest I was in, but maybe I'll add a nice piece of cherry now.


@joshuaslater: I'm glad the reference made you smile. You are spot on about the shield. Also compare the dragon man's talons to those on the lizardman's club. :poke:



Thank you all for the praise and comments. I really appreciate it.



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Care to share the colors on the club wielder?




Lizardman Tyrant Colors (all colors are MSP):


Base: Khaki Shadow

Wash: Woodstain Brown

Highlight 1: Terran Khaki

Highlight 2: Terran Khaki/Khaki Highlight

Highlight 3: Khaki Highlight


Round Scales:

Base: Woodstain Brown

Wash: Brown Liner

Highlight 1: Shield Brown

Highlight 2: Driftwood Brown

Highlight 3: Stained Ivory


Dorsal Plates:

Base: Walnut Brown

Highlight 1: Blackened Brown

Highlight 2: 2 Blackened Brown/3 Dark Shadow

Highlight 3: Dark Shadow

Highlight 4: Dark Shadow/Dark Skin

Highlight 5: Dark Skin

Highlight 6: Dark Highlight

Highlight 7: Earth Brown

Highlight 8: Earth Brown/Leather Brown

Highlight 9: Leather Brown


Loin Cloth/Leather Strapping:

Base: Chestnut Gold

Wash: Blackened Brown

Highlight 1: Sandy Brown

Highlight 2: Sandy Tan.


Wood Club:

Base: Stormy Grey/Woodstain Brown

Highlight 1: Shield Brown/Cloudy Grey

Highlight 2: Driftwood Brown/Cloudy Grey

Highlight 3: 3 Driftwood Brown/2 Misty Grey/1 Cloudy Grey

Bloodstain glaze: Bloodstain Red/Brown Liner


Club Spikes:

Base: Midnight Blue

Highlight 1: Twilight Blue

Highlight 2: Snow Shadow

Highlight 3: Stained Ivory

Highlight 4: Yellowed Bone

Highlight 5: Creamy Ivory


Lizardman Claws:

Base: Walnut Brown

Highlight 1: Blackened Brown

Highlight 2: Blackened Brown/Intense Brown

Highlight 3: Intense Brown

Reflection: Creamy Ivory


Dragon Scale Shield:

Base: Midnight Blue

Highlight 1: Ritterlich Blue

Highlight 2: Brilliant blue

Highlight 3: Cyan Blue

Highlight 4: 2 Cyan blue/3 True Blue

Highlight 5: True Blue

Highlight 6: Sky Blue

Highlight 7: 3 Sky Blue/1 Pure White



That is most of it. If I missed anything that you want, let me know as I have everything in a database.



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Aside from the obligatory "Wow!", I just wanted to point out the Count Rugen guy here even actually has 6 fingers (although in this case you have to count the digits on both hands)! Which is a nice touch.


Random thought this inspired: "Oh, what I wouldn't give for a holocaust cloaca..."



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