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May Roll Call

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Finally got the figure for the party's swordmage; it'll get primed in the next hour or so. Our wizard's player saw his figure for the first time this evening, and was quite satisfyingly delighted.

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Troop 1

Larnach the Grey

Lysette See Note 1


Royal Guardsman x 4

Death Seeker x 2

Vale Long Thorn x 2


Troop 2

Chiral, Centaur

Centaur Warrior x 3

Hunting Cat x 2

Faery x 2


Troop 3

Silvermaine, Unicorn


Troop 4

Mossbeard the Treeman


Note 1 - This mini had a lot of folks chip in and paint her. It was sweet. I'll post the details when I post the pics.


Edit - It helps if I double-check my tags before submitting. ~ sigh~

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elemental 1 - putty work 90% finished

elemental 2 - putty work 30% finished

comp entry single 1 - ordered supplies

comp entry single 2 - no progress...losing interest...may not continue

comp entry diorama 1 - ordered supplies, laid out design, cleaned mold lines

comp entry diorama 2 - worked on design, but could not get things to line up...deferred...may not continue...

WL dwarf - no progress, still at about 50% painted

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Finished my Diorama and frost giant. Both are in the show off section. I was almost done with the original 72mm Sophie when her wings broke off. :down::angry:::(: So now I will try to salvage her. Also working on a couple of GRRM minis from Darksword. Gregor Clegane and Theon Greyjoy. Will post them when I am done and Meg has her way with them. lol

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For May, all from Warlord Games UK in 28mm:

24 English civil War Dragoons

24 English Civil War Ironsides cavalry

40 English civil War Royalists Infantry (what I did at Reapercon)

7 English Civil War Assault troops

3 English civil War Preachers and Ranters

1 English civil War Oliver Cromwell, mtd


Trying to finish 40 Scots Covenanter infantry and a Light Cannon


Only 975 more to finish by March 20,2011....


And, i finished the 40 Convenanters last night. I'm starting Newcastle's Lambs and Hopton's "Sky Blues" Tueasday.

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03058: Mika, Female Samurai

Finish Tollarns squad

2 other random figures of some variety - Iguana from one of the familiar packs, and the harpy.

Put a dent in the next Tollarn squad - First set of 5 wasn't quite finished, still need to finish the bases tonight. But I'll take it.

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