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dungeon citizen list needed


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Alright folks, Im filling out my wish list and realized a bunch of dungeon dwellers would also come in handy, so give me a list of things I should look for that would "realistically" live in an underground complex (I already have dire rats and skeletons)

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When I read "realistically live underground," I immediately thought of oozes and slimes and fungi.


02679: Mushroom Men

02695: Fungus Patch

03041: Mushroom King

02908: Undead Ooze

03483: Slimes (2)


When I build underground complexes, I tend to theme them out toward one extreme or the other. Either all-living (with dwarf-kin civilizations and appropriate outlying creatures) or things that could survive time underground without food (undead and constructs). Constructs are a favorite for me.

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Piercers (or whatever passes for piercers, these days).


Darkmantles from the MM1.


The 3.5 designers even mentioned that the darkmantle may have recently evolved from a more primitive form. Basically piercers could be seen as the larval form of the darkmantle.


In AD&D 1e and 2e, after the first attack, piercers really weren't a threat, they fell and then slowly climbed back up a wall and attempted to fall again. A later Dragon Magazine article presented a piercer with methane based rocket propulsion allowing the beastie to zoom about and pierce from the floor or the walls. Silly but it kept the AD&D players guessing.


In my own D&D 3.x games piercers are a living trap (no Disarm Trap check possible) with a CR based upon HD and size of the colony occupying the ceiling. They als have improved critical and a +8 racial bonus to Hide checks making finding them with a Search check very difficult unless the piercers aren't hiding amongst genuine stalactites.


Back in the old days, there were a lot of cheap-shot monsters: the twilight bloom (deadly invisible pollen), rot grubs (caused instant death in a few rounds unless removed with cure disease spell was cast on the victim), memory moss (stole spells from magic users and used them against the party, wolf-in-sheep's-clothing (MM2 - tentacled stump with a bunny shaped decoy/lure) and the gas spore (looked like a beholder but it detonated after taking 1 hp and infected those nearby with it's spores causing death).



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