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Pre-ReaperCon Warm-up Tournament!

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Ok Warlord fans, there is another Warlord Tournament at The Gamers Realm Sunday May 16th starting at 2pm. The format of the event is the same as our previous two tournaments.


$5 entry fee, 1000 point lists.


This months tournament takes place only a week before Reaper Con, and so we will be hosting a special Pre-ReaperCon warm-up using the same 3 scenarios and rules you will find at ReaperCon. This will be the perfect time for new players to cut their teeth on the tournament system and also an excellent opportunity for veteran players who haven't made it out to an event yet and want to brush up on their skills for ReaperCon. The details for each scenario can be found in Gus's post on the official Reaper forums here:


Warlord Tournament Scenarios

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The tournament was super we had 8 players attend and our top 3 finishers were:


1) Doug - Using his now infamous Darkspawn list led by Xeldorian Doug took first place with a grand total of 35 scenario points! Doug has finished very strongly with this army in all tournaments, and his polished execution with this army makes Doug a top player. This may very well be the army to beat this year at ReaperCon and beyond.


2) Jeff - Earning a total of 33 scenario points and tying for second place (but technically finishing higher with tie breaker rules) Jeff had an amazing showing as this was perhaps his 2nd or 3rd 1000 point game. In addition to being an excellent player, the paint jobs on Jeff's Nefsokar were the envy of the event I'm really looking forward to seeing his army when all of the models are complete. His army was a hybrid Undead/Khamsin cavalry force.


3) Kyle - Also earning 33 scenario points and fielding a Mercenary army that was Cleave on Steroids Kyle has been building his skills for several months now and he is becoming a formidable player. There is nothing worse than playing an army where every model has Cleave and any time he rolls a 1 he can turn it into an auto-10 virtually ensuring 2 points of damage.


I'll let each player post their detailed army lists if they wish to do so.


I'm really glad everyone made time to come out to the event and I hope to see you all at ReaperCon for a rematch ::):

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Thanks for your work running the tournament Wedge, this was one of the funnest yet! The scenarios are all a ton of fun and it was great to play some new blood. I will gladly share my list and tactics.... after Reaper Con. ^_^

These Darkspwan are pretty cool but they're just keeping the table warm till the MIGHTY BSG show up to play!

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