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Jewelry pictures


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I went to post this down in the "Poetry, writing and other abuses forum" But it won't let me attach pics there...


I figured this was the next best place to post these, so if they are in the wrong spot you can move them.


I've been quite busy with work, and trying to get my jewelry business off the ground. So my free time has been mostly sunk into making jewelry, moderating Bonsaisite,working on my bonsai, and researching inexpensive places to buy jewelry supplies.


I figured you might enjoy viewing some pictures of some of my work. Yes folks Amanda does indeed have a camera now that is functional, working, and I'm still learning how to take photos properly but at least they aren't a complete loss. The Camera is a SONY Mavica that takes a small 3.5inch floppy! I bought it for $25 from a neighbor's garage sale last year!


I haven't had a lot of mini painting time at my disposal but I'm hoping to gain some of that back soon.


So here you go. Enjoy. All real stones, Silver wire, silver plated wire, Copper and gold plated copper wire, And a host of other non-plastic materials. I don't like using plastic in my work, it makes it look cheap to me.














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All very nice, it's cool to know that other jewelers are on here.


I really like 12, and did you paint that plate in 14?


That plate you reference was salvaged from the local antique mall. It is enameled copper. When I found it, the rest of the strung necklace was some kind of white agate beads and some metal that was corroded beyond recognition. I was able to save the agate beads and used them in another project, the metal beads got tossed in the trash. I made a new chain for the copper plate because it screamed to have a nice chain with it.


Thanks for the comments. :)

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wow I really like the first. You have any other jewelry you made? Gonna try to paint some on my minis hehe.


This is the only stuff I currently have actual pictures of.

There are pieces I have sold that I never got pictures of that I'm sure I should have.


The first piece was a stone I bought for myself - a HUGE piece of Namibian Pietersite. It is wrapped in non-tarnish copper wire with non-tarnish bronze colored copper wire, Pietersite beads, Copper beads, and Czech glass. The Chain is all hand-cut links.

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