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Nightslip, Pulp Era Heroine #50154 - WIP

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As mentioned in my Ra'am, Reptus Hero WIP, I said I would post the other project I am working on and here she is. Granted I have just started, but it will give you all an idea of where I would like to go with this piece. As soon as I was informed that she was available, I purchased her. I had the idea below pop in my head as soon as I saw her.


Before anyone raves about my green stuff skills on the brick wall, I will admit now that it was a preformed wall of a building that I had around for a train set town. I have primed and weathered it though. The sidewalk is a GW Bike/Horse base which I converted. The light post is from the same train town stuff as is the barrel and swamp cooler.


I still have a lot of rough clean up on the top of the wall, light post and barrel prior to painting. I am also making some paper trash, soda/beer cans and one bottle out of green stuff to use as trash on the side walk.


I am contemplating putting some graffiti on the wall, but not sure at this point. What I do know is that I am going to use the light source from the pole to direct my highlights and shadows, including the shadow of Nightslip on the sidewalk and wall.


Comments and suggestions welcome.



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Very ambitious indeed. If you do decide to add graffiti to the wall, be careful that it does not take too much attention away from the subject. But it could definitely spice up the scene if it were subtle.

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Sorry folks for jumping the gun with this one. I decided to shelve her when my commission came in and I also needed to get some smaller projects done that were going to be put up for sale. In between all of that, I also needed to get my mini done for the CMON contest #22 which was supossed to be starting, but I have not heard anything yet. It's done and waiting though.


Anyway, I will pick her up again this week end and get some more work into her so I can post some photos by Sunday.

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Well, I guess it is better late than never. Here are a few shots of the progress so far. I still have a lot of detail work her including her face and I need to get the barrel and trash done, but so far so good. I am still deciding whether or not to put graffiti on the wall.


As you can see by her cape, I have placed the highlights that would come from the lamp post. I am not sure I want to put yellow/white into those areas since the light would be giving off a yellowish light. Right now the shading makes the scene like something out of a comic book and I think I like that. What do you all think.


I am using a small model train bulb attached to a battery that I hang in the area of the light post bulb to get the areas of light and shadow, so I can duplicate that in paint. So far it is working well I think.


Any Ideas or comments welcome.





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Maltique: To answer the question about the thing on the wall, no I was thinking it was either a Swamp cooler cut in the wall or an exhaust fan for the building.


So, I finally had some time to get her done had here is the final photos. I will be posting then here, in the Show Off forum and in the Inspiration Gallery.


I think she turned out OK.





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