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Burning + Stunned = ??

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What is the effect of being set afire (burning) and being stunned at the same time?


For instance, if I get hit by the Fiery Hammer spell and take both effects....


Do you still get to put yourself out with your one action before you take damage? Under the Burning description it seems to indicate that you take a point of damage regardless since you only have one action to take.



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Stunned - A model that has become Stunned may not participate in any defensive combat (Defensive Strikes, Defensive Shots, Counterspell) and may only take a single Action during its next Activation, after which the model is no longer Stunned. If the Stunned model takes any damage before its next Activation, it is no longer Stunned (remember that all damage takes affect after defensive combat, so the Stunned model would not get to participate in defensive combat in the attack that damaged it).


Gus is correct, If it said they many not do anything on there first activation then it would cause damage since you would spend an action but stun says you only get one which in this case makes a diffrence.

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Technically, it seems that if you are stunned and burning and you use your 1 action to do something other than put yourself out you would then take a point of damage and be un-stunned. . but still burning. So then would you get your second action? Or is the one action limitation a factor regardless of that fact? If so then it stands to reason that a stunned model will always only ever be able to take 1 action on their next activation even if they take damage before that. Follow?



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