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Bring out yer dead!

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I used to wonder "How do other painters make their undead look...undead?!?" My older efforts always made the skeletons look like something hanging in the corner of your high school biology room - pristine, white, and not scary at all.


After a bit of research, and talking to some WHFB players who paint up regiments of good-looking skeletons, I decided to give it a try:






Much better! I was more focused on the skeletons themselves than the other details (including the bases), so there is room for improvement next time around. But my players liked them, and so do I. I even think the eyes came out more or less as planned - black sockets, followed by a drop or two of thinned neon green to hopefully give them that high fantasy undead look.


I also posted pics of some other recent work on my blog: http://theleaddragon.blogspot.com/


Comments & critique on both my painting and writing are always welcome. Thanks!

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Those are good. They'd look just fine on our gaming table. I'm sure someone will be able to offer more advice on shading, layering, and wet blending, but for me, where you're at is where I'd dip'em in Army Painter shade or varnish, and then game with them.

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They'd be good for any gaming table! My other half (Krztoff) enjoys painting the undead, skellies, zombies (with or without gore), etc. I'm not sure how closely he watches the forum, but you can always PM him if you wanna chat about painting techniques he's learned along the way.

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