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June-September 2010 Summer Mini Exchange

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Couldn't decide between two . . . figs. Got both, and will just see which one goes better.

I sorta did the same thing, only with similar figs. And I think I will take the see which goes better approach also.


1. Obtain figure(s)

2. Clean figures

3. Prime figures

4. Basecoat figures . . .


I think I'll just update this post as progress occurs.

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Wow Meg, your fast!!!! Make sure you do pics!


I paint full time. You pick up speed when you do it for a living! I just happened to have some time. The mini is done but I decided to cannibalize the base I made for another mini which is a commission soooo . . . yeah.

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Dang, I can not believe I missed another exchange. I have been so busy lately at work and home that I forgot to check the exchange/contest threads. Now I have another wait to get in the next one. It's too bad we could not come up with a way to just electrically shock me when ever there is an exchange or contest anouncement so I could remember to check in and get signed up. I hope everyone enjoys the minis they get in exchange and has fun painting the one send to someone else.

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I know how you feel. I've missed a few myself.

You can tag a forum topic or forum category so you get email notifications whenever a new entry is made, I believe (I've used this to successfully track a specific thread of interest only).

Navigate to the specific thread, or in the case of exchanges, navigate to the category "Mini Exchanges and Paint Contests". At the top there is a button called "Watch this topic". If you click that, you're given options for notifications whenever an entry is made.


This can be overwhelming for really popular categories (like Show Off) but Mini Exchanges and Paint Contests isn't heavily trafficked so you'll only need to do minimal email clean-ups...but the up side is, when the next exchange comes 'round, you'll be notified ::):


To clear a "watched" topic, you'll need to go into your "Settings" or "Profile" (I forget).


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