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June-September 2010 Summer Mini Exchange

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Jay, great mini, really well painted. I love the metalics, and you did a great job of detail and basing! Thanks again!!


Thanks, I was disappointed with it. Sorry it wasn't better. Sometimes things just click and you get a great one and others they just don't.

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Just checking in.

My first attempt has me a bit worried...I'm afraid I'm not quite up to what I envisioned (reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbs strip..."my mind is trying to kill me" :lol: ). Also, a bit of a life changing event in my RL has me scrambling.


I've just picked up another mini and I've got my fingers crossed...where's my calendar?!


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I finally got around to mailing mine out yesterday, should be arriving at it's destination on Monday or Tuesday.



Had a lovely surprize waiting for me when I got back from Holiday. Thank you Mercius, I will post pics as soon as I am all sorted out unless you have some to post.


I posted some pics awhile back, but feel free to post them if you want, or I can link to the post"!

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