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June-September 2010 Summer Mini Exchange

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Whew, so I'm not the only one.

I'm also a bit late. I'm hoping to get this wrapped up within a week.


@JimL - that guy looks pretty sweet.

@ATM - more like "The poor recipient will be doing the 'happy dance' all over his/her walls..."



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As I feared, mine will be late too. I'm not sure by how long, hopefully I'll have a good idea after this weekend. Work has been keeping me pretty busy, along with some other things in life. BUT, I will get her done ASAP. My apologies to my recipient.

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...except that the figure's colour scheme evolved to the point where the base looks like half-cooked oatmeal. Bleh. (The good news is that the figure itself progressed to the point where I'm proud to send it out. Even the pin-vise catastrophe on the weapon turned into a plausibly convincing knothole. The bad news is, well, more than a week late.)


So I'll figure out what to do to the base tomorrow and get 'er in the mail Friday.

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