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PIP73001: Lylyth

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While waiting for the putty to set, I did this to the back of the cloak:




Turns out I've been doing freehand wrong every time I've tried it: rather than trying not to screw up one thick line, I should've been laying down a bunch of really thin lines such that no single mistake ruins the piece. Anyway, I've discovered my mistake, and the results above reflect that.


I started out by lightly shading the (cinder brown) cloak with nightshade purple, and highlighting it all the way with khaki shadow. The latter went on kind of chalky and needed a thin wash of cinder brown to smooth out the blends. Then I laid down the border in thin strokes of snow shadow, and once I was happy with those I reinforced them with ghost white. I did the same with all the crap on the bottom of the cloak. Finally, I added some pure white to the freehand on top of the highlights, and did another light shading pass with nightshade purple to bring down the freehand in the shadows.


I am quite pleased with the results.

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Hah -- did the bone! Well, basecoated it, at least.




That's all terran khaki. It's gonna get highlighted in, oh, probably I'll go right up to linen white since there's no room to blend most of it.


One comforting thing I noticed while I was going over the detail is that no-one's going to care about any given brushstroke. (This is much like my epiphany on freehand above.) All the little lines and curlicues add up to a more or less atomic whole of "zOMG that's a lot of detail", at least for a piece like this that isn't going to anything like Golden Daemon judging panels. pLylyth here is essentially a gaming piece, albeit the centrepiece of a Legion of Everblight force if I ever get everything painted up and find some other WarmaHordes players around here, so while I want to paint her to as high a level as I can I'm not too worried about living up to the model's potential.


All that said, I'm glad I put this off for almost eight months. My brush control now is far and away better than it was in mid-2010.


Note also the taut bowstring -- looks good, don't it?


Front needs some big blues, which I think will be the highlights on the cloak interior. Might do some freehand in this vein, although that example isn't remotely balanced in light/cold between front and back. What do you think?

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Note also the taut bowstring -- looks good, don't it?

That what I was on about... ...that does look good. Did you do the bending of the limbs scheme that you mentioned earlier?

Sure did. Compare the most recent photo to the first one: In the first post's photo, the upper "spikes" of the bow are at about 45deg to the bowstring axis. In the most recent. they're nearly perpendicular.

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Did a whole bunch of tiptoeing around the elephant in the room -- I shaded and highlighted the red cloth, the skin, and the leather that wasn't part of the bone scrollwork. Might get to that tomorrow.




So far, so good. I'm particularly happy with the way the feathers (?) on the back of her cloak came out -- shaded with nightshade purple, highlighted with rosy highlight.

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Bone scrollwork is done. Highlighting and shading wasn't nearly as much trouble as I expected: once all the fiddly bits were picked out in a nice contrasting colour, following the base coat was pretty straightforward. Also, I'm kind of shocked by how no one step seemed to make much of a difference over the last, but once I finished it made a huge difference.




Base coat, you'll recall, was terran khaki. I highlighted up through khaki highlight and linen white to a few spots of pure white, and shaded with blue liner.


Somewhere in there I put a few highlights on the hair, which you can't really see in these photos.


I'm planning to highlight the inner cloak with a desaturated blue, up to something like snow shadow, in order to balance the blues on the back. I think the bow would look pretty good painted up like a piece of antler, in colours not too dissimilar from the bone scrollwork. (This'll help tie the figure in with the carapace-tastic Legion of Everblight warbeasts.)

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pLylyth herself is -- provisionally -- done.




Highlighted the cloak in desaturated blues up to snow shadow, and did the bow in my first hack at a streaky-carapace scheme using the khaki triad and linen white. The latter was tough to pull off on such a small and fiddly surface, but it's not too bad for my first attempt. I'm using the "carapace" scheme specifically to tie the figure in with the (still unassembled) rest of my Legion of Everblight battle box, and I'll probably come back later to improve it.


Either way, I'm on to the base. And the Carnivean.

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