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60015 Kyra, Pathfinder Iconic Cleric


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Here's another Pathfinder iconic character for you: Kyra, the iconic cleric of the sun goddess Sarenrae.


I sculpted the green late last year and painted her last week.


You can see the concept art by Wayne Reynolds here: link to Pathfinder Wiki article


I think I got better at sculpting fine detail on this one, and there is still a lot of detail that I left off the sculpt but added with painted freehand.


A few people have complained that the figure is flat-chested; her body looked fine before I sculpted the robe, but the added layer of putty just eliminated the curves of her torso and waist. Ah, well. I tried to establish some semblance of a bosom using paint on the chainmail, and I played up the eyelashes at the outside corners of her eyes. I guess someone else could paint this figure with a harder style and call it a man. ::P:





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Absolutely terrible. Horrible. Scaring even. I feel the need to gauge out my eyeballs with a plastic spork.


You are a no talent hack who has no buisness even so much as turning on the lights in a room that has paint brushes in it.


Putrid filth deep fried in electric Hog Snot.


You, and your entire family, should be ashamed.


Your ineptitude will ring through out the ages. When the Art Nazis march into LE Luvre to burn every last paintign and crush every last sculpture, they will be chanting your name Derek...... in between Simpsons quotes.....


Hugs and sloppy wet kisses,



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Thank you for sculpting this one without pronounced lady parts. I needed a cleric of Sarenrae with scimitar, but in the male version. The facial hair I painted turns the scales on this one.


This is a great mini. Well done, sir.

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