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Here's one for the CAV/BattleTech crowd

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Say hello to Mr. Atlas...this is my first attempt at a 'mech, and I'm pretty damn pleased with the outcome. I was actually somewhat inspired by the Reaper DHL Barrow Wardens, as they look totally badass with the fully-armored-and-skull-showing vibe. I stole my colors from the WH40K Dark Angels, mostly because I'm a big fan of green.


I did a project write-up on my blog. It was a fun exercise in both writing and painting!


Comments & critique welcome as usual. Thanks.

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I clicked on the image, and blown up, it looks great!! I like the "Skeletor" vibe.


I find mechs harder to paint well than fantasy figs. Mine are just highlighted then dipped. Of course, I like to push mine around and leave them out in dusty, smoky basements too.


Great job.

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