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Unthar Godshand


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I've been working on Brother George here for a few weeks. I found a great human cleric figure and thought it would make a fine match for one of the players in my 4e campaign I'm running. This is the second mini I consider "completed" although I know I could still improve some things. Overall, I'm happy with the result although working on his eyes drove me crazy (I will keep practicing on future minis).


Here are some photos of the final product, although I took these in the early morning and the light in my room was less than ideal. I have one of the OTT Lites, which really helps to paint, but isn't the best when taking pictures. Any tips?

















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If you want to do some easy shading I would suggest picking up some Games Workshop premade washes. A wash of Baal Red on the cloak, Griphon Sepia on the yellow, and Badab Black on the armor would give instant shading and definition. It won't be nearly as appealing as actual shading or highlighting, but it is great for quick table-top characters.


Now onto the mini. Everything is painted so cleanly, great job. The face is the most impressive part for me, good job on getting the facial hair and eyebrows and the eyes also look good. The leather also looks good. The face could use some shading, either from a wash or from layering, same with the robe and armor. I am impressed with your improvement since your first mini, it is great to watch. I am sure your friends all will love their minis.

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Nice job. I painted this one up not so long ago for our party's mobile M*A*S*H unit too. (He's swung his mace exactly once in the entire campaign...it scored a crit on a fleeing assassin at the end of the fight that he managed to somehow spot). Nice brush control around the eyes.


As for washes, Mercius, could you post a link to buying the washes you mentioned? I have one bottle I bought in a hobby store years ago, and it is running low.


As for the washes themselves, I found that flesh wash works really nicely on leather too.

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It's good to hear that you are satisfied with the results, you're getting better, and plan to keep practicing.


You're brush control is obviously improving. They eyes are pretty good too!


Keep it up! =^.^=


You'd asked for tips; I believe with regards to lighting and photography? Check out the Shutterbug forum on here. Build the poor mans light box; it helps a lot! Learn your camera and test the settings one at a time; analyze them and see what helps and what doesn't.

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