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Update of my warlord webpage

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I've updated my Warlord website with pictues from our underground excursion. We had two new players and several interested onlookers. check out the Warroom's Reaper section! And look at the scenery being loaned to me for next month's game. I'm already excited. Here's the link:


Garish's Black Lightning Page


As always, any comments are welcome.

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Can you please tell us how the game was arranged?


- size of armies

- deployment rules

- victory conditions

- special rules (if any, e.g. traps)


and so on....


I have my own Hirst Arts Dungeon, and I would like to try using it with Warlord rules.


We sometimes played like this:

- two in/out point at the opposite sides of the dungeon

- two teams of d&d characters

- treasure chests popping out at random locations

- each team enters one side of the dungeon, tries to take treasures and to exit the opposite side

- random creatures around the dungeon, each assigned to one of the teams, to slow down/kill enemies

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For this one, with three invaders against my Forces of Evil, there were six or seven entrances. As cards from the deck were drawn, each player deployed his or her forces. Eachplayer had one troop of 500 points. One deployed, the card deck determined movement order. I was defending with 750 points of units in a troop and two solos (one basically a "living trap"). There was one trap, and some sewer areas where a stunt check(using movement rate as the modifier vs. 10) was required.


The dungeon had a 3d10 prize at the pedestal in the inner sanctum. There were several other hidden prizes on a map. They were placed as the units got within 6 inches.


Wiping out my bad guys was the first goal. Hauling off the swag was #2. The players jumped into the spirit of things quickly and easily. All my players this round were veteran RPGers, and were a lot of fun to work with.

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Dude!! you are just rolling right along are'nt you?


that is some impressive work you have been doing there too.



I really like your dungeon as well. it's simple yet looks better than a certain clickable games' one.



the scenery that you are gonna use next month is really stunning as well.......








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Wow! The website's lookin' good, the dungeon looked awesome, and that town table!!!! Wow!


Something that I noticed: In your pictures, the dungeon looks like its floating about a half an inch above the table...Am I crazy or are the dungeon pieces sitting on something?


Anyways, like I said, the site looks great. Keep up the good work!



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I have to say, it looks like someone has a bunch of Hirst Arts molds and has made the most of them.  I love them, but don't have the time to build.  Don't suppose you could send me a dungion just cause your cool that way?  :p
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