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My DM recently let me know that a drow encounter was looming (gulp!) so I needed to assemble and paint up a drow war party right quick. I settled on 7 minis, a mix of DHL and Warlord. My efforts to procure them through one source hit a brick wall, so I then turned to the Reaper Online Store. I should have just gone there in the first place, because they had all the minis I wanted in stock, the shipping was free, and the turnaround was FAST - I ordered on June 3rd, it was packed and shipped on the 4th, and they arrived in my mailbox on the 7th!


So to all the fine customer service peeps in the Online Store, thank you! Good service is not always easy to come by these days, so I just wanted to say that your work is appreciated.

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I would like to double that kudos. I'm very new to the whole thing, and where I live in Australia (Adelaide) its pretty much impossible to buy miniatures which aren't historical or GW. The only other option I have found is online, and I am much happier buying a $5 figure from reaper that buying the same thing in an Aussie online store for $10.


I made my first order on a Friday evening (probably midday US), and it arrived on my doorstep the following Friday. I was ecstatic. All present and accounted for and well packaged. I had an order once from the US where a mug did not have any packaging around it what-so-ever. Suffice to say, mug in many small pieces, so I am always looking at how well things are packed.

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