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Pathfinder 3.75 Curse of the Crimson Throne Game

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Hey gang, I represent some great like minded Fantasy and sci-fi RPG fans who enjoy getting together once a week and playing Pathfinder in 3.75 Rules. We are a balanced RPG and combat group who want to see the story line move forward but like to kick a little but along the way. We currently have 2 players and are looking for 3 to 5 players max (if you come as a pair). I would like to not be any bigger than 5 as we are limited on time each week and I want everyone to get a chance to shine.


NOTE: If you have anger issues, short temper, drug or alcohol problems, are a rules lawyer, min/maxer or are here to dominate the game please do not apply. Everyone who plays with us is a professional non-slacker with lives, families and are fairly normal (other than playing RPG games). We are playing to RP and have fun in a fantasy setting. Since we hang out once a week we tend to become friends, that's an added nice side effect. All gaming group decisions are done by consensus, with GM (me or you if you're running the game) with the final say.


Biography: I have been GMing since first Edition when Gygax first started. I have run almost every system out there and found that Pathfinder RPG works best for my GM style and limited time to prepare. I have run games of mostly girls, all boys and mixes in between which I hope speaks to the diversity of GM style but just could mean I am lucky! Currently I run a Tuesday night game open to all players and a weekend game which will start this Saturday, June 19th around 4PM or 5PM.


If your interested please post back:


Currently I have two players and am looking for at least one but maximum of three more players.



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