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14481: Galdanoth, Elf Sniper


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I finally got tired of seeing this guy sitting unfinished on my desk. I didn't complete a lot of my goals for him, i.e. freehand, and some other things, but I am happy with him. He is painted to a high TT quality. If you don't mind, please throw me a vote on CMON. CMON VOTING.





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Thanks...the base is a wooden disk..1.00$ at Michaels for 5 of them.



OMG yes!!! I love those wooden bases from Michaels!!! I have them also and then I wood stain them to use for nice display pieces and I also have given some out as gifts to fellow painters! =)

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Nicely done Mercius. I'll have to pick up some of those wooden disks next time I'm there. Do they come completely unpainted? Aslo, how did you make those rocks he's standing on?




The disks come completely unpainted...they are a very light brown, but two even coats of black paint will cover them as seen in my pics...They are about 40-50mm in size, so for Reaper minis it is just enough room to add in a bit more scenery to the base, and for smaller, they might even be able to be used as a display base.


The rock he is standing on is two pieces of cork-board glued together. I then glued rubble (flocking sand) around the seams of the two pieces and then painted the entire thing black, then dry brushed in with 4 different colors of grey.


Thanks for the compliments all. :wub:

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Wow I just typed a whole thing and then instead of hitting the Spell Check I accidentally hit the refresh button. Doggone idiot behind the computer.


Anyway what I was saying is that your interpretation and color scheme for this mini is perfect. I am assuming you used metallics for the majority of the metal surfaces since steel NMM is still bugging you. On many of my table top versions I use metallics for steel, pewter, and other silvery metals, but I shade the same as NMM using lighter or darker metallics. The basing is the best you have done and if you had not said that the rocks were cork I would have guessed they were sculpted. Very realistic. Keep up the great work.


I will jump on to CMON and give you a great vote.



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I really like the cloak! Good job! Any close-ups you shot?


I didn't but I can shoot them if you want, just name the parts and I will snap some pics of them.



Jim, thanks for the kind words, I am pretty happy with the base...Basing has been my biggest improvement over my last few minis as well as metallics. Thanks for the vote also. :bday:


*EDIT* Also, yes Jim, the metallics are all true metallics, shaded with non metallic colors.

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I just wanted to thank Reaper for the incredible honor of having my painted version of this miniature as the painted example in the figure finder.


Figure Finder Link


I am incredibly honored. I remember when Joy (MamaGeek) had a miniature that also had this done and I remember thinking how cool that was, and how happy that would make me if I ever had that happen. Thank you Reaper, you made my day.

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