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Looking for a Sophie 2010


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whats the urban legend version?


"Urban Legend" is a term that started here back in 2003-2004ish. when we released 01406 we had commissioned a fully naked version - but did not release that version. The naked version was pressed, and a few copies were made and given as gifts to friends of our employees, VIPs, etc. Most of the employees got one for their personal collection, but maybe 50 were made at the time.


Eventually, the general public became aware of them, and we started to claim '"that's an urban legend, we know of no such figure" because, frankly, it wasn't really *supposed* to be common knowledge. Well, eventually, one of them made it to e-bay. We could no no longer claim it to be a mere legend, and fessed up.


As a self-referential joke, we eventually released her as Urban Legend Sophie, and in time, began to refer to ALL models for which a clothed and nude option existed as "Urban Legends".


Urban Legend ReaperCon Sophie continues this trend, and is a fully nude version of the figure made from the art for ReaperCon 2009. Attendees at ReaperCon could get one if they asked for it, but they were not put on general display.

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