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Minis we would like to see (Fantasy Version)


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This is the current thread for minis we would like to see.

  • As the compiler of the data in the thread, I have a request, please don't spend a lot of posts on off topic chatter in this thread, it makes my compiling harder.
  • The included list is formatted exactly how HQ receives it. it would make compiling much. much easier if your post included a brief list of your request at the beginning and then you follow with the paragraphs of text you wish to explain your requests. When clear items are not easily found, they may not make the list that gets forwarded.
  • Warlord Game expansions that is requests for specific models for Warlord are encouraged to be made in the Warlord Forums. Warlord Models are part of Game Development and not part of Fantasy Line Development.

Off Topic Chatter and general sillyness will be removed.


thank you.


Please Note the below list, this is exactly the format it gets sent to HQ, plain text, no images, no links


Accessory pack of all the fairy wings

Accessory packages such as sprue of mugs, of plates, of baskets, etc. Non-weapon sprues that can be used to convert or add to scenes

Acrobats and trapeze artists

Adventurer types with basic weapons and armor.

Adventurers in various stages of their careers

Adventurers or npcs, there's just dismal lack of young minis

Adventurers seated for meal at the tavern or engaged in mundane tasks.

African characters and monsters.

African elephants.


Alchemist's familiar pack with gnome, salamander, sylph, undine, and homunculus.

Amazon-type female harem guards with big scimitars?

Amphisbaen(giant sized)

Ancient civilians

Animals (deer, horses, cattle... These could be like the familiar packs)

Anime styles

Aristocrats, fancily dressed, looking haughty.

Artificer models

Artificer packs (little gizmos you could glue to any model for that artificer aesthetic)

Asian style characters who don't look like samurai

Asian themes


Atomic/mutated brains

Aztec Mayan device mounted on the back of big dinosaur

Babe adventures, chain mail/leather studded bikinis or other two piece stuff that shows skin, think red Sonja (but don't just limit it to fighters), also with feminine faces, no dude

Baby orc


Bald half-orc

Bald ogre with chain on hook

Bald woman in robes that doesn't have manic grin on her face

Bald women please. Or at least ones with short hair or hair that doesn't cascade onto their shoulders.

Bar fight: three unarmed humans, peasant garb with broken bottles, stools, and bare fists

Bar patrons< holding mug, sitting down with optional chair perhaps, slumped over counter passed out, playing cards or dice etc


Barmaid leaning seductively against bar.

Barmaid serving drinks.

Barman leaning against bar

Basing goodies: gears, statue bits, chunks-o-wood, etc.

Battle bases (the drop in kind that suit dark heaven minis so well) with slanted sides rather than the straight sides. I love those bases, but compared to the warlord and other slot bases, they look blocky.

Bearded wizard with not so faint resemblance to Mr. Gygax.

Beggars and orphans, some on crutches, etc.

Beholder that doesn’t suck


Bloodstone gnome characters


Bone pack: set of skulls, leg bones, ribs, spines, etc. Not all human or even humanoid.

Bouncer looking menacing

Boxing kangaroo



Butcher male



Casting spell or performing blessing, ritual, etc.

Casualties & fallen foes

Casualty victims for basing

Cavalry models of any type

Celtic minis, esp. women.

Celtic themed

Centurions Romanesque

Chain weapon wielders of different races...

Chaos wizard: no weapons, no mutations

Characters performing non-combat actions

Child dressed up in adult sized armor

Children playing at knights and orcs (i.e. Cowboys and Indians) would be loads of fun

Children... Or teenagers.

Children< raggedly dressed one, playing with something, non human varieties

Chimpanzees and baboons

Chinese characters and monsters.


Chronopimodels. Orcs, goblins and ogres.


Circus themed townsfolk

Classic style serpent people.

Clear colored plastics


Clerics and / or fighters in plate with spears or long spears (which will of course be used to represent clerics with long spears).

Clockwork anything. Really.

Clockwork dwarf

Cloud giants

Commoners/townsfolk women who are not strumpets.

Cook female

Cook male

Cossack Orcs too!

Court nobles (without drawn weapons) added to the townsfolk series.


Crab or lobster people


Crazy cat lady.

Creepy evil dwarves.

Creepy treemen


Darfallen barbarians (re: stormwrack), call them dolphinoidslocathah (carplike fishmen) barbarians

Dark fairy queen. Evil looking with butterfly or moth wings.

Deities, gods from different religions and mythologies including Greek/roman, Egyptian, Hindu, babylonian/mesopotamian/persian, Japanese Chinese, Celtic.

Demi-human miniatures in the pseudovictorianstyle. Elves, dwarves, maybe some Orcs.

Demi-human undead: skeletal/zombified

Demonic wizards.

Demons but not the classic horn and pitchfork type...something gruesome and chaotic.

Devas (celestials)

Devil people

Dinosaurs and some prehistoric mammal

Dire crocodile/croc.

Dire weasel

Dragon folk

Dragon horse.

Dragon mummy

Drowned (i.e. Slightly bloated, maybe their gear/clothes is floating) pirate zombies

Drudgethrall fantasy race that has recently been cropping up in my games, male and/or female, think Quasimodo or hunchback of Notre dame, previously students at wizarding academy who were transformed for cheating/failure/etc., shabby clothes, hunchback, clubbed foot, +/distorted face.

Dude with sword and his armor falling apart

Duel sets minis locked in battle that look like they are doing battle instead of just facing each other

Dwarf earth elemental

Dwarf townsfolk

Dwarf traveler on pony

Dwarfs. Not in armor.

Dwarven blacksmith

Dwarven blacksmith because someone has to be making all those weapons and armor

Dwarven drunkard at table

Dwarven ranger with musket

Dwarves without helms and dual weapons

Dynamic compressed Asian dragon

Egyptian archer

Egyptian swords people

Elemental pack (earth,fire,wind,water)

Elephants and bison.

Elf townsfolk of any description, but including children

Elven barbarian

Elven cleric

Elves riding smaller dragons, including the wingless variety.


Evil elves or dark elf warriors. All i see are mages.....

Evil fighters, sorcerers, assassins in various stages of experience level.

Evil humans with whips and clubs to tend the slaves

Exploring – walking forward with torch held high

Exploring creeping forward with hooded lantern, looking for traps

Exploring with holy symbol held high (also used for turning undead)

Facial hair short beards, goatees, mutton chops, mustaches.

Faerie folk...

Fairy tales (little red riding hood, big bad wolf, sleeping beauty, snow white, 7 dwarfs (country miners, not warriors) etc)

Fantasy characters which could come from oriental adventures

Farmer carrying bundle of hay

Farmer female

Farmer with hay bail aback

Farmer with hoe

Female adventurers with practical hairstyles

Female bull rider dancers (poised like comanche horse riders)

Female centaurs again, nontraditional, but i'm thinking along the lines of the female centaurs from disney's fantasia, beethoven's pastoral section. Again, could be cute and sexy.

Female druid with leather armor (and/or flowing skirts) and sickle

Female elf wizard in travelling clothes.

Female elven rogue, with pet monkey.

Female fishmen... So i guess that would be fishwomen. Not mermaids. Female creature from the black lagoon.

Female gnome in plate armor

Female haflings not sculpted by s. Garity

Female half dragons

Female halfling paladin with pony mount

Female halflings that don't have curly hair.

Female halforcs and dwarfs

Female knights/warriors in full armor including full helmet covering her face.

Female lich

Female mindflayers (i know they're sexless in d&d, but i have use for squid women)

Female monkeastern style; bald; buddhiststyle robes, sandals or bare feet.

Female warrior with mohawk

Female zombies. Not sexy gal with skeleton hand and maybe an eye missing, i mean rotten walking dead chick.

Fewer paladins with hand crossbows


Fighting – with mace & shield

Fighting short sword and dagger

Fighting with bow

Fighting with sword & shield

Figs with no hands and several parts to finish them off: hand and sword(various types)/axe/dagger, hand and torch/lantern, wand/staff etc... Even driders with interchangable torsos shirtless, jerkin, armor with previous mentioned hands. (this is great for those of us that haven't mastered conversions yet)

Figures that could be from the redwall books: mice or rats with some clothing in various poses

Figures that have features that aren't normally found on caucasians, like big afrolike hair, dreadlocks, full lips, etc.

Figures with backpacks and bedrolls.

Finris wolf

Fire giant

Friendly merchant making supplicating gestures

Frost giant

Frost giant in fairly heavy armor with spear.

Frost giants or dragon

Furnishings. Such as tables, benches, treasure chests, etc. In either metal or prepainted plastic.

Gangly callow youth with illfighting chain shirt, sheathed sword that drags on the ground

Gelatinous cube

Generic heroic and nonheroic sculpting dollies for 54mm and 72mm.

Genteel folk

Genteel folk in general. Welltodo families

Ghost figures done in clear or frosted plastic.


Giant ant

Giant based on woolly mammoth.

Giant bee

Giant beetle

Giant carnivorous plants

Giant centipede

Giant clockwork insects/spider/scorpions

Giant fly

Giant grasshopper

Giant lizard

Giant mantis

Giant sized congo based nkisi voodoo golem...

Giant wolf



Gill man (creature from the black lagoon)


Gnome townsfolk


Gnomes adventurers and warriors, tinkerers, alchemists.

Gnomes and halflings


Goblin townsfolk


Good wife with baby

Great gamhalf giant/half human, ogre sized

Greek inspired or roman ispired ladies,

Greek/egyptian/hindu pantheon.


Gypsy men

Gypsy women

Hafling in full plate....

Halfing outrider

Halfling barbarian

Halfling paladin

Halfling paladin

Halfling townsfolk

Halflings riding dogs

Half-ogre clothed in nice clothes, maybe ranks in the

Halforc and dwarven wizards casters etc...

Halforc paladin

Halforc strongman

head sprue of reaper's hellborn

Hellborn and reptus.

Heroes and villians in extravagant armor


Hippos including waterline head model.

Hobgoblin guards with halbards long coats and big fuzzy russian style hats.

Hobgoblin with big bow'.


Hoplites greek/spartan/trojan/etc.

Horses. Not mounted minis, but saddled/unsaddled horses and pack horses.

Human fighter wielding 2 long swords.

Human slaves, with tools in their hands and shackles on their ankles

Human street merchants: fruit seller with cart, hotfood vendor with cart, chestnut seller, teamster with team (horses, oxen, mules, whatever), peasant girl with basket of eggs

Humanoid dolphins. No tails or dorsal fin.

Humanoid elementals: some where between the full out elementals and the elemental mages. Perhaps male and female versions of each.

Humanoid spiders

Indian/hindu look women in saris and men wearing dhotis. Or perhaps an exotic mix of indian and southeast asian styles.

Intellect devourer,


Knife thrower

Knight/paladin in full plate which has lion motif

Knights of the round table/morte d'arthur


Komodo dragons


Ladies in waiting

Large crab.

Large elementals ogre sized

Large/huge shark


Li'l hafforc youngsters

Lion (dragon?) Tamer

Lioness pack.

living egyptians

Locathah leader and wizard/cleric type.


Lovecraftian horrors beside cthulu

Lying down/sleeping/unconscious/dead

Magic users that are not holding weapons

Male and female killoren (also from d&d's races of the wild).

Male liches that aren't completely skeletal at the head.

Male version and female version of the raptoran (from d&d's races of the wild).

Male/female satyrs i know female ones are not traditional, but they could be cute and sexy.


Martian styled anything.

Masked highwaymen

Mayan feathered serpent

Medieval maiden/ lady riding sidesaddle on decorated fine horse

Medium large octopus.

Medium large sized animal skeleton, like bear or lion

Medium sized sharks, maybe hammerhead. (i'd buy 4 packs)

Merchant of other race variety

Merchant< hawking wares, few other tradesman, some henchmen lugging crates, barrels or bolts of fabric,

Merchant< large oily smiled and rubbing hands together looking pleased

Messanger: young kid in tattered clothes and armor bearing scroll

Messengers, errand boys/girls, runners, etc.

Mid eastern style orcs and fourarmed gladiatorlooking trolls.

Middle eastern characters and monsters.

Middle eastern fantasy style, including representatives of all the standard fantasy races

Minis without the dohickey, fabric thingy between their legs

Minotaur based on woolly rhino:

Minotaur that is in scale of 7.5 to 8 feet tall

Minotaur type golem

Minotaurs with swords and not axes

Minstrels< harpist, singer, someone with bagpipes, someone with fiddle, maybe jester, or juggler, fortune teller

Modular clockwork! I mean, why not? Mix and match your bits!



Monsters riding bears or spiders




Mounted characters.

Mounted fig and separate rider fig or both.

Multiheaded evil dragon.

Neogi minis

Neogi. Please!

New chimera. Yours is nearly an exacy double of the old ral parthone just bigger.

Ninja and assassin types of different races


Noble canine-headed holy warriors.

Noble children

Noble female

Noble male

Noneuropean civilians

Norse gods:


Ogres with two handed falchions, robes, striding into battle with no armor on the top half of their body


Older adventurers, clearly past their prime.

Orc townsfolk

Orc wizard type done up in the pointy shoes with veil would rock.

Oriental themed air elemental

Out of armor, weapons sheathed, standing around at camp/tavern/town etc.

Patrons of all kinds. Bar patrons, etc. Sitting (if possible), standing and leaning.

Pc/npc figures that could be used modern setting.

Pharaoh, high priest and high priestess

Pirate accesories: swords, monkey, parrot, peg legs, hooks, pistols

Pirate mage


Platypus paladin


Practically-attired adventurers.

Priests and clerics with priestlytype weapons censer, aspergillum, stuff like that.

Priests, priestesses, attendants, initiates, etc.

Pseudovictoriana? Steampunk possibilities there, as well as conan doyle/wells/verne kinds of characters.

Rat catchers

Reaper rugby

Reaperbryan miniature

Representation of ancient greece, rome, egypt, turks, saracens, byzantines, persians, etc.

Reptus cavalry.

Reptus hatchlings..not the warlord sculpts but actual little reptii emerging from their eggs

Rhino or two.


Riders that would fit on the back of some of the dhl dragons, unicorns, and pegasus.

Robin hood and his merry men.

Roman soldierlegioneer

Roman style hobgoblins.

Samurai, but not l5r samurai


Senators, philosophers, statesmen, etc.

Sensibly armoured female fighter

Servants (butler, maid, cook, gardener, etc.)




Sidekicks: young akward adventurers of the different class types.

Sisters/nun who are not warriors. No weapons. No armor. And no sexy. Normal women in holy vestments/robes/habits, etc

Skeletal warriors in roman legion kit (loricsegmentata, etc.). Lots of 'em! I'm dying for these!

Skeletons: no or few armor, single hand weapon, preferably scythe (but no grim reaper style)

Slave/eunech skirmishers

Some dying figures

Some small elementals that are really small

Sorceress of the persian cult of the sun god mithra,

Sorcerors or wizards that aren't carrying swords or wearing armour

Spellcaster giants

Sprites (not spirits, sprites)

Standing horses of different types (heavy, light, pony), without riders. Tacked and untacked.

Stone giant female

Stone giant shaman.

Storm giants?

Street thugs, threatening with knives or clubs.

Street vendor with his wares in cart or basket

Streetrat type youths where their gender is unknown

Sumo wrestlers

Sumo wrestlers.

Suspicious middleaged townie with his hands on his hips and his nose turned up

Tavern patrons. Medieval and ancient. All races

Tieflings and dragonborn.



Titan giant with greek style helm would be way cool.

Topless female vampire with sword

Torch juggler......

Town guards,

Townsfolk in robes both men and women

Townsfolk include:

Townsfolk, including craftsmen, merchants, lowlifes, nobles, scholars, demihumans.

Traditional style knights mounted and dismounted. Ugly/feral/beastly vampires

Transportation options ox drawn carts, horse drawn carriages, peddlers cart with all manor of bits and bobs on it, gypsy carivan, that sort of thing...perfect for an ambush diorama.

Travelers. People with heavy packs, hand down to pull something.

Troll in the process of regenerating

Two mini set containing were in human form and same were after transformation?

Two tailed fox


Unarmed gnoll monk

Unarmed human king and queen, and perhaps prince and princess

Undead dwarves

Undead elves

Undead etc.

Undead from other cultures

Undead gnomes

Undead halflings

Undead orcs

Vampires in less armor and animalistic looking specifically nice half bat kind of figure would be cool,

Variety of empty hands in several different poses

Victim being devourered by beetle swarm

Viking dwarves

Viking raiding party

Vikings in various armorpieced together from raids?

Village scamps


Voodoo witch doctor

Wagon & team.. Oxen or horses no matter.


War machines

War machines

Warforged....various classes

Weapon pack with double weapons.

Werebear dwarf

Werecat elf

Weres that are not necessarily human whilst not in their animal forms.

Western monks (guys in brown robs hood and sandals) as opposed to fantasy eastern monks

Wider variety of anthropomorphic animals

Wild boar and hyena

Wizard gesturing forward with oversized cat familiar leaping to the attack

Wizards that dont look like clone of gandolf....

Wizards with orbs would be great.

Wizards with staves actully using them to fight instead of walking with them, ditto for wands

Women models that have short hair.

Wood elves!

Woodcutter carrying wood

Woodcutter with axe

Youthful pickpocket.. Kindoliver twist / little gavroche type fella

Youthful, inexperienced adventurers.

Zombie dragon(not skeletal)

Zombie in turban and robes

Zombie ninja

Zombie samurai

Zombies of different shapes and sizes...anything dead can be zombie.

Zombies: hard to get some, one with butcher cleave would be great

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hand sprues with OPEN left and right hands in various poses and gestures -- NOT FISTS!


Head sprues -- short haired women, orcs, elves, bald female without maniacal grin... you could solve a lot of the aforementioned requests that way.

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Wasn't sure were to post this. Thought maby Chronoscope, but since the sujest is medevil I thought maby it might be better to post it here. But... NO ONE makes Dark Age style Plague Doctors in miniature form.



A fantasy style Plague Doctor whould be awsome.





(I hope in a better pose then the one above....)

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Giant Stone Fists (Left and Right)


Chinese style Half-Dragon.


^^ A creature with the head, tail, and other features of a [link=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_dragon]Long[/link], but otherwise humanoid and dressed similarly to the soldiers of the Terracotta Army.

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Male Aztec type warriors and priests.



I'm thinking of guys wearing ornate feathered headdresses and armor, obsidian spears and daggers that kind of thing. I realize you can get historicals already but I'd like to see some fantasy elements put in by the sculpting gurus at Reaper.

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I'd like to see a Highwayman (like in the Phil Ochs song) as both a mounted figure and on foot. Actually, Sets of generic adventurer types like that would be nice (Norman type Knight, mtd & dismtd, Rouge, mage, cleric, etc...that would also be useful for rpgs)

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If you have seen the anime "Vampire Hunter D" then maybe you agree with me that "D" would make a great theme. A vampire with a really huge sword. Of course its just a single character to reference by. I had some ideas about his attire. I would keep the long cloak/trench coat and shady hat but change what is hidden underneath that. A breast plate of dark nature with a long left arm bracer that connects to it. The bracer armor goes all the way down to the finger tips and ends in a sharp tip for each finger. Add a left shoulder plate with a spike for some more coolness. A long belt would wrap around his waist and fall close to his knee. Boots would be knee high with multiple buckles. The sword would be big. I was thinking something that looks alot like the one from the games workshop vampire model "Vlad von Carstein" minus the finger guard. Take a look at it and tell me it isnt the best great sword gw has ever made. The character would be tall and lithe in appearance but as a vampire, he holds the great sword one handed with ease. Hat covers eyes in shadow but his K9's are visible in a grimaced face. I dunno, maybe its too much of a rip off from the anime, but I would like to see it done. Any thoughts? :blues:

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