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Magnifier/Light - Important?


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Just wanted to chime in regarding the Ott light.


I have an Ott light, and I have a swing-arm lamp with a 5000 kelvin compact fluorescent bulb.


The CFC puts out perfectly good, pure white light, at least as far as I can tell. It's super bright, fairly cool to work under, and significantly cheaper than the Ott light.


I'm not saying that Ott isn't great, but I don't see a difference in lighting, and the price for the 5000 kelvin bulb is waaaaaaay cheaper than the Ott lamp.



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I've got an OTT tabletop light myself, and it has a flip-down magnifying lens. It was my first time using magnification, and holy cow did it make a difference! My eyes are pretty good for fine details, but since I've started painting with it, I notice they feel less strained after hours of work. And the light itself is a wonderful improvement, too. I usually paint most of the mini without magnification, then switch to it for the fiddly bits. I know OTTS are expensive - I didn't realize how much so at first since I picked mine up on what turned out to be a ridiculous sale. I got it for about $20-30!!

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