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My 1st 2 Commission Pieces - Peasants

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Hello again everyone,


I just completed these 2 Reaper peasants for my first commissiom pieces. These are the first 2 out of 17 asked to do in the first shipment(These table top quality). The photos bled the contrast some, but overall I really like the pieces. I may have to purchase them myself one of these days. The person I am painting these for runs or plays in a post apocalyptic world where the world has turned to a rocky desert and delapitated towns and cities. One of the requirements is for the miniatures to fit into that world. The outfits kind of date these figures, but I guess Peasants are Peasants in any time period. The looks on their faces are supposed to show stress like they have seen too much death and destruction. I hope I pulled it off. I sent the Photos to the customer, so well see.


Comments and Critiques welcome.






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I saw these in the Inspiration Gallery, and thought they were very nice.


Your client should still be happy. Lovely job.



Some ideas for the other 15, if you want them to look truly post-apocalyptic:


Modd the minis to add some bits of tech, like a two-way radio on the farmer's hip, or replacing the peasant woman's hat bow with a pair of goggles. Paint the tool handles metallic, like they were scavenged from spare parts. Paint some logos or patterns on their patches, too, like they used bits from t-shirts and such. Try tearing up an obsolete or broken piece of electronics, and see what you can find inside to glue in various places, even if it's just on the base, like they're standing in a wasteland of ruined technology.

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Thank you all for the comments and suggestions. I will have to try some of them on some of the future pieces. I sent the photos to the customer and he seems to like the way they look, but has given me artistic licence, so I could do what I felt appropriate. Adding a more modern feel to some of these figures may work to compliment his world. As for the patches, I had not really thought to much on placement, Just thought that there would be tears that needed to be mended. I wanted the patches to stand out and felt that fabric was probably borrowed from other clothing, so the colors were chosen as such. I will try to place them in more realistic positions on any further attempts though.

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I wanted the thank the folks at Reaper for using these 2 miniatures in the figure finder along with the Mother and children miniature from the 3 figure Townsfolk V set. I did not post her here in the show off, as she went straight to the Inspiration Gallery. I was also surprised to see a pic of my version of Ra'am, Reptus Hero in there as well. I had been hoping for a few months that I would be able to get a few miniatures that would be good enough to be included.


Thanks again for choosing them, I appreciate the confidence boost.

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Man. I have been posting here for a couple years and haven't had any of mine (that I know of) used as part of the figure finder. Well done Mercius and Jim!!

I may be wrong, but I think members' work showing up in the FF is more of a recent phenomenon resulting from people posting their stuff in the relatively new Inspiration Gallery.



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