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Another "OMG LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" post...

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Don'cha hate it when somebody finds something really awesome at a garage sale, or a charity shop, or the Goodwill store? And then they go online and crow about it?


Yeah, if you feel that way, don't follow the link below. I sure wouldn't want to upset anyone.


And there are LOTS of pictures.





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I remember that (those)! I recall wanting it too, but like the Krynn red dragon & all the other neat 80s stuff, I had no cash & neither did my mom (or at least for "things" like this), it just flew by into history.


awesome find!!



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NOTE: Anyone who monitors The Miniatures Page, Bill Armintrout's most excellent web site devoted to all things miniatures... knows of Zardoz.


In a nutshell: a while back, they developed their own version of "rickrolling;" instead of clicking a link and getting a music video, though, you'd click a link and wind up looking at Sean Connery in the movie Zardoz, in which he spent most of the movie running around in ammo bandoliers, thigh high boots, and a red diaper. This was the one time I actually participated in this meme.


However, I was telling the truth (this time, at least) -- I actually found that book at Half Price Books not two hours before finding the copy of Battle Masters. Go figure! Truly, a day laden with treasures...

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Could be worse. You could have watched the whole movie.


Some women like it. After all, it's a youngish Sean Connery spending most of a movie mostly naked.


Well, except for the part near the end where they put him in a wedding dress. And no, I'm not kidding. That's what I mean. This movie could not get made these days, because those kind of drugs in those potencies haven't been available since 1969...wacko.gif

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