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Quick question about 60045 Cavalier Alain: Does the bulky equipment on the back of this figure come separately? And if not, how easy would it be to remove?


Having done a quick paintjob on this for PaizoCon, I can tell you that the bulky stuff is integral to the sculpt and would not be easy to remove without it looking a wee bit funny--at least that's how I'm remembering it. If you're inventive with knives, drills, and greenstuff, though, anything can be accomplished (but please stay away from my cat).


--Anne :lol:

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Witch Feiya is awesome - my favorite of the Guthrie sculpts, though the Inquisitor is a close second. I do get a bit of a twitch thinking about painting all that stitching, though.


Very happy to see new Nova/IMEF sculpts!


Pygmy Savages - sweet.


Like the resculpt on Mason. Is this a narrower stance than the original? It's tough to fit that sculpt into the 1"x1" squares necessary for DnD.


Ram Rider - can't argue with that! Now if we can get another mounted gnome/halfling sculpt...hint, hint.


Like the Zombie Survivor sculpts in general. Good to have more modern/semi-moderns with guns.


The Alchemist is great. I love seeing some sculpts without massive gauntlets, spikes, etc. I don't love the neck protector, but it's not as overpowering as many other sculpts, and it's short enough it could be interpreted as leather rather than metal.

Alain is good too, nice to see a bit different styling on the boots, though he is a bit overburdened with kit. Is the placement of that, er...sack right below his belt buckle an inside joke?


I don't suppose there's any way Reaper would take the summer off to help me catch up with painting all these damn things? :)

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Seen the iconics via ReaperBryan's Facebook update from Paizocon but damn those still nice to look at. I can't wait to get those!! The other figs are great as well (starting to zone out, been up since 1130 last night) so I'll comment later on those.


Gonna be a great summer-fall for Reaper figs!!


This is the sketch of Alain that Wayne Reynolds did, so take your guess on what was sculpted :lol:


Alain on Paizo.com

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Wow, what an update! So many new minis to add to my shopping list... but I do have one question about 3497: Pygmy Savages and Idol. The triangles are missing from the photo of the idol... about how big is it?






I would like to know the height as well... I want this fig... bad!

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