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Good Miniatures shop in San Fransisco?


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The City of San Rafael is in Marin County, a county over from Napa. They have one of the two Gamescape stores remaining. Here's their site:




Gamescape's main store is in the Haight in SF, but for some reason their site is non-functional at the moment. Gamescape is legendary in the Bay Area, and gets high praise. I've never been to the North store, but the SF store is very nice. There used to be one in Palo Alto which I frequented but the owner hated commuting so didn't renew the lease.


Note that Palo Alto is waaaaay down the Peninsula from Napa. I live in the next town over, Menlo Park. No good game stores within ten miles of here, but one great one about 12 to 15 miles north of us, called Gator Games:




I love that place. With a capital L. There's almost always a decent sale going on, and they have oodles of out-of-print stuff and you can find minis there sometimes that you never thought you'd see again.


I would avoid Legends if you get as far south as San Jose/Santa Clara. They get a lot of talk because they have multiple locations, but they never restock anything but GW. That means you can rarely find a Warmachine or Warlord mini (covered in dust) with an older, cheaper price tag (which is good), but only rarely (which is bad). If you get to the South Bay, hit D & J instead:




That's a big, across-the-board hobby emporium, but with a decent gaming section and sometimes gets in some sweet imports.


Sorry, I don't actually get to the East Bay often, and can't really make a recommendation there. I know some guys on the Privateer Press forums talk about some decent places to get a game going in and around Oakland, which is actually closer to Napa than many of these other places. Just haven't been, for whatever reason.

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Best store in the Bay Area, at least that I have come across since I moved here last fall, is Game Kastle in Santa Clara. They have a large and varied selection of miniatures and games. They have a gaming area as well. This is south of where you will be, about 45 minutes probably.


Game Kastle


Gamescape is a nice store too, but they do not have nearly the range of miniatures that Game Kastle does. There is also Endgame in Oakland, nice store too but mostly Reaper and GW.

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EndGame, in Oakland, is my store of choice. (It's about a mile from my apartment.)


It's a short walk from the 12th Street (Oakland City Center) station of BART, our mass-transit system. Board BART in San Francisco (along Market Street downtown, or Mission Street at 16th or 24th St), get on a train bound for Pittsburg/Bay Point or for Richmond, and 20-30 minutes later you'll be across the bay and in Oakland. EndGame has several gaming tables on the mezzanine level of the store, so there will probably be some miniature gaming on Saturday, but they're closed on Sunday for the holiday.


Wherever you happen to go while you're out here, I hope you enjoy your visit.



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Endgame! That's the one those guys are always talking about. I need to get up there one of these days.


I have a coworker who is always raving about Game Kastle, but I still haven't gotten down there. Which is weird because I'm down in Santa Clara quite often. I have a hard time believing they could pry me away from my weekly visit to Gator, though. Gator is small, but has giant heart, great people and an amazing selection (and 10% off anything they have to order for you, if they don't have it in stock). It's a holiday weekend, so they probably will have a 20% off general sale going all weekend long.

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I get to Endgame more than anywhere else because it is closest, and they have Reaper Master Series Paints - Game Kastle does not. One of these days I will get my schedule sorted out and join in the gaming at Endgame - it's just a short trip through the tube from Alameda for me.


I should add that I enjoy going to all the stores mentioned in this thread - Game Kastle just has the widest variety of miniature lines in stock so it makes the drive down more worthwhile :) Alot of European stuff I don't normally see like Fenryll, Enigma, Hasslefree, Resina Planet - and they carry Tre's stuff too :)


Endgame gets my business for Reaper stuff though!

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