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14561 King Axehelm of Kragmarr

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Derek, can you share the colors you used for the gold in the axe? It's an interesting take - I think I see some reds and maybe even green towards the highlights?

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Derek, your work has always inspired me to push for more of everything, but I simply am astounded each and every time you put something new up.


Your skills amaze, entertain and blow our minds!


How do you get such "soft" colors? Im not sure what im asking, like they look like pastels, but they are so deep and rich at the same time.


Sorry, i seem to have developed a bit of a man crush on your painting....

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@pez5767: Focus on the face... The sculpt itself has the lines of the beard drawing your eye to the face, and I think the reds on the beard and nose beat the yellow and blue for drawing your attention. The arrow-like shape of the axe pulls your eye to the yellow "reflection" on the helmet and then onward to the face. Also, the little details and high contrast of the eyes and mouth probably help.


@gaultj: [EDITED, 07 July] Colors that I used on the axe: Chestnut Gold and Tanned Leather for midtones; Sunlight Yellow and Linen White for highlights; Rust Brown and Russet Brown for glazes and shading. So the Rust Brown gives the impression of red, and the Russet Brown is probably what's giving the impression of green. (When I thin Russet Brown too much, I see green separate from the rest of the puddle.) No absolute green or red per se, but you notice those colors in relation to the others.


@Kataclysm: "soft colors"... I get what you mean, but I don't know. It isn't deliberate. Might have to do with the broad but bright highlights, my paint consistency, and use of glazes?




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