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Just Wondering What's Changed in 2e/Savage North


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I played first edition Warlord (Necropolis! still one of my most cherished collections) and I recently read about Savage North, the expansion for Warlord 2e. Warlord 2e itself sort of passed me by.


Anyway, I'm just basically wondering what are the big differences between Warlord 1e and Warlord 2e? The new factions look really interesting so I'm considering picking up the book, especially as it is a standalone product (that is pretty awesome btw).


Apologies if the question has been asked before, but I didn't see it anywhere.




Actually forgive me for being utterly dense. I totally missed the pinned topic. Way to go me. =P

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so i am going to assume from your edit, that you indeed found the thread that discusses some of the main differences between the two. And so will only add that if you have any more specific questions now that you have read that thread, feel free to ask away and we'll do our best to answer them.

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Yeah, I did. I feel so silly. =P


I decided to just grab a copy of the 2e Warlord book (I found it for sale!) in the end, so I'm just waiting for it to arrive. I imagine I'll need it anyway as it will have my Necropolis in there and the price is very good anyway (if the interior is anything like the 1e book, it's great value, and after what I just paid for the L5R4e book, the warlord book is an absolute bargain... =P).


I'll just need to try a game or two under the new rules and then I'm sure I'll have a couple of questions, though I'll try harder to make sure they haven't been answered already this time. Thanks though!

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