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Where can I find a ladder?

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I'm trying to make a mini that'll be standing on like a platform. I want there to be a ladder he climbed up, or possibly stairs, but I can't find one already made. Does anyone know a good place to get something like that?


Thanks in advance. <3


eta- I should mention, I saw that Hirst Arts casting providers sell the gallows kit which includes stairs, so that'll be my plan B unless anyone knows of a ladder I could use. :)

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IMEX makes a nice set of accessories for the Alamo... though some parts can be used for almost anything (especially southwest/wild west). if comes with 3 standard ladders, 3 single pole ladders, a bunch of cactus, grass outcroppings (great to add to a model base), and a few other things.



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Thanks! I think I'll be lazy and check out my local hobby shop for the Plastruct one, and if they don't have them I'll go the crafty route and build my own like Qwyksilver recommended.



If the model turns out ok I'll post photos. :D

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