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The Tomb of Ibn Hali Met

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Sir Brannor knew full well that he was walking into a trap. He issued orders to his Justicars in soft but commanding words and bade them to ready themselves for a battle. Yes, definitely a trap, but after all the effort and all the slain, here he was at the tomb of the foul abominations that had been raiding a nearby Crusader outpost. Satisfied that his small cadre of warriors were focused and ready, Brannor risked a quick peek over the crest of the sand dune his soldiers were crouched behind. A single, dirty looking shepherd stood among his flock, staff in hand, looking the other way. Scanning in both directions, Brannor caught site of a rocky defile. According to the texts, this was the entrance to the tomb of Ibn Hali Met - in life a noble of ancient Hakir, and now, in unlife, a vengeful undead preying on the living.


Thoth's heavy granite hand roughly checked Ammat's movements as the hulking crocodile-esque construct attempted to open the door to the tomb. Inside Thoth's crafted skull, he understood. Ammat was a vessel of action and destruction now, nothing more. Gone was her grasp on justice, on patience, on sanity. Sokar had crafted Ammat into a pure soldier. He had also crafted Thoth into something capable of retaining vast knowledge, and right now that knowledge was tempering Ammat's fury. No, now was not the time to spring the trap. The meddling Crusaders were not yet fully committed. Soon... Soon Ammat would get to unleash her rage...


Brannor's troop was off of the sand dune now, advancing quickly on the rocky crevice. The shepherd had heard them coming and was busy shouting at his sheep and trying to hustle them well clear of the Crusaders, but the sheep just didn't seem to want to budge. He thought he heard the shepherd curse the sheep by his ancient god, Sokar. Brannor was troubled by the presence of the shepherd - when the battle began in earnest he would have to look out for the shepherd's safety, but for now he needed to get to that tomb so the enemy could not evade him any further.


Thoth heard the Ranger shouting. "Now! Now! By Sokar's mighty power, spring the trap now!" If Thoth's stone beak could have smiled, he would have. No doubt the Crusaders didn't understand a word he was saying and were continuing to blunder into the trap. Pulling his hand away from Ammat, he calmly unsheathed his twin swords, looked out up to the sun beating down from above, and spoke words of power. Feeling a surge of energy coming into his mind, he focused on Ammat, who was already charging forward with heavy footfalls. A glow of sunlight lit Ammat's great cleaving sword as she burst into the sunlight, flanked by her ferocious Devourer shock troops. Thoth wondered what the Crusaders' faces looked like upon seeing such a furious attack!


Brannor had time to bite out a few simple commands before the stone leviathan was upon him. Raising his shield just in time, he managed to save his life at the expense of his arm. As the great stone crocodile's glowing sword rent his shield, his arm broke beneath it and Brannor fell to one knee, his arm hanging limp by his side. As he struggled to regain his footing an Ironspine behind him thrust and jabbed with his spear at the attacker, giving it enough pause to prevent it from finishing Brannor off on the spot. Brannor whistled to his dog and risked a look behind himself to order his archer to shoot at his assailant - he looked in time to see the archer fall to the ground with an arrow through his chest. The "shepherd's" cloak lay at his feet, he was now masked, and he was drawing a second arrow from his quiver. Brannor set his jaw in anger at his misunderstanding.


Thoth continued walking slowly towards the battle. Ammat was awash in blood and the Crusader captain knelt injured at her feet. Unfortunately blood lust had overtaken Ammat and she was now too busy slaying other soldiers to finish off this Justicar. Devourers swarmed the armored knights and were fighting blade and maw against the elite soldiery. Thoth chanted more words of power, and almost at Thoth's will Ammat's foot kicked forward to crush the Justicar in front of her. She now stood half on him as she savagely fought the knights on all sides.


Brannor nearly blacked out when the construct crushed his leg with her foot. The force of the impact made him lose his sword, and in the pin he could no longer reach it. He closed his eyes and began a last prayer to his gods. In moments the shouts and clashes of battle died off, and Brannor struggled to look around him. His own soldiers lay entwined with the stony bodies of their assailants. The great crocodile-headed monstrosity that had felled him still stood over him, and a large beaked construct stood nearby. By the looks in their eyes he knew his end was near. Brannor wished only that he could have stood and held his sword.


Ibn Hali Met, once-courtesan of the Hakiri Empire and now a Prophet to Sokar, strode from his vantage point with a prayer of thanks upon his desiccated lips. Sokar's power had brought a swift end to the battle, and now the thieves were at his mercy. Ammat and her Devourers were the perfect trap. Hali Met bade Ammat to step back, and knelt beside the fallen knight. Speaking one final prayer, Hali Met touched the Crusader's leg and arm, healing both limbs.

"I am Ibn Hali Met. Your people attack mine without thought and offer no respect to Sokar. For this, your comrades have died. I spare you so that you can bear a message to your people. Leave the desert. Do not seek our tombs. Sokar is greater than your people and greater than your gods, and today you have learned that you cannot stand against him. I mark you today with the Eye of Sokar, and if any of his people cross your paths again they will not extend to you the mercy I extend this day."


With that, Ibn Hali Met made several gestures over Brannor's head, stood, and walked away.




Crusaders - Brannor, Halbarad, 5 Justicars, Ironspine, Wardog, Archer, Nun

Nefsokar - Ammat(magic weapon), Thoth, Prophet, 6 Devourers, Ranger


Terrain was a jumble of sand dunes, one near the Nefsokar side featured the entrance to a tomb deep in a rocky ravine. The forces of Nefsokar were trying to keep the Crusaders from "cleansing the foul undead." The terrain favored the Nefsokar', I'll admit it... kindof tough to burn through DR/1 and DR/2 models when you can't fully flank them. Still, the Crusaders managed to knock most of the Devourers down and roughed Ammat up plenty before the end. A battle sure ends quickly when both armies have access to the Divine Tome and can boost up their offensive abililities. Also, Ammat with Magic Weapon, Blessing, and Divine Might is truly disgusting. That one turn she dropped Brannor to one wound (blasted low roll and I didn't cleave.. needed a 3 to hit and a 6 to cleave, rolled a 5!) and outright killed a Justicar. DR/2 meant she only took a single wound in return, too. Awesomesauce.

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