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3.5 Pathfinder/Fogotten Realms Game

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New Story Arc Beginning:

As you all sit around the table discussing the various theories behind the Goblin raids throughout the Savage Regions and the Sword Coasts, suddenly there is a commotion at the door. A gaggle of about twelve children enter. Their faces are dirty, and their close are torn. Many of them have the open eyed stare of children who have seen much too much death and horror. Other just stood and stared at the floor. The long hair of two of them, marked them as rare elven children. One of them, a young human boy of around 5 holds a tattered doll with both arms. Entering behind them was a figure in silver armor and a white tabbard that marked him as a Paladin of Torm.


"I am Credo, servant of Torm!", he bellowed out suddenly quieting the crowd. "Where is Bellrose Irongullet?".


After a few seconds of silence Bellrose burst from the kitchen door crossbown in hand. "Ive 'ad it about up to her with this. Im lockin der door if any more rif raf...", he tapered off as he laid eyes on the Paladin.


The two looked at each other for a second.


"Credo", said the Dwarf curtly.


The paladin looked at Bellrose. "These twelve are in your charge. I will pick them up when I can."


"Wait a moment!", blustered Bellrose. "This aint no orphanage! Im not gonna change daipies and wipe noses. This is a business, plus were full up except for the attic."


The paladin nodded. "The attic will be fine for them. I expect them kept well clothed and fed".


"This is a buisness!" Snaped Bellrose. "Ill loose good payin customers filling up my Inn with these waiflings. Not to mention the expense of feeding them."


The silver armored Paladin pointed a finger at Bellrose and boomed out. "Did you or did you not take the Vow?".


The mysterious question hung in the air for what seemed like eternity. The iron willed Paladin, and the equally stubborn Dwarf just stared at each other. No one in the packed Inn dared speak.


Finnaly it was Bellrose who broke eye contact. "Brundah! he yelled over his shoulder. "Go upstairs and make up the cots in the attic.". He looked over at Toldin. "Get up you! Royal house or not, yer gonna make yourself usefull. Take these urch... er.. children. to the stables. I want em all washed and gone over for mites and lice for I let em in my inn. Use the back Water trough. Get the lye soap from the kitchen."


Toldin, stunned that Bellrose would allow the children to stay for free, and even more stunned at his assignment looked at the table and said abruptly "Er, ive gotta be gettin back ter me duties" and escorted the children back through the kitchen door.


As he was doing so, the Paladin pulled a bench from the wall and stood on it.


"Eight weeks ago, the city of Luskan fought off a Gobiln army larger than the Savage Lands have ever known. While yes, the noble Northmen were eventually victorious, and the Goblin remnants fled back across the Spine, our Oracles say that those forces were just a test."


The Paladin radiated a charisma that had the whole inn focused on him.


"For months these gobilins have been destroying villages. These last children are all that is left of a Hamlet called Andersham, twenty miles north of Longsaddle. Their parents are dead. Their homes burned, their lives ruined. They are just one of countless farms and hostels which have been destroyed over the last few months."


"And YOU", he said pointing his finger at the crowd sweepingly. "Are the only hope this region has. You abled bodied men and women. The apathy this city has shown disgusts me. If you cannot do this for Justice and Good, know that the Sword Coast farmers have grown every bite of food you have on your plate, and every grape that was crushed into the wine you drink. If this Evil is not stopped this city will be very hungry indeed."


He stepped down from the bench.


"The Hall of Torm will be open in the morning taking another round of Recruits. Though it is not much, yes we do pay. The salary is dependant of the skills of the applicant. If you cannot do it for the good in your heart, then do it for the money."


He turned to walk out. "But know this. Evil leads to evil. And to let such an action go unchecked is the same as condoning it. What would you allow to rest on your soul?".


With this, the silver clad paladin marched out of the stunned inn, pushing the double doors oppen with a huge crash, and then he was gone.

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"Kids musta hid 'emselves somewhere good.", Kurith remarks solemnly after the paladin finishes speaking and people resume conversations. "I seen for myself what they can do to a village. If they can use it, they steal it..an' if they can eat it, they will...an' if they can't find nothin', they just bust everything up 'til they find somethin'"


Kurith wonders to herself how many city children have probably never even seen a goblin, nor had nightmares about goblins, nor woke up four or five times during the night scared that goblins were hiding in every shadowy corner to steal those who slept.


"The man's got it right. People been livin' fat here in the city an' not gonna do a damn thing til the goblins is at their doors. Well to hell with'em. If I'm gonna die, it's gonna be on my feet fightin', not on my knees hidin'! Now who's comin' with me!"

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I'm plating up a serving of elf baklava when Toldin comes into the kitchen looking for the lye soap. On finding out why, I put the completed plate on the pass and scurry out back to take care of the youngsters.



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Zenani hustles out of the back of the inn with a basket full of hot cheese bread that was meant for the tables out front. She goes down the back stepps, across the small cobbled couryard and into the large twelve stalled stable that attaches to the back of the in. Inside was the pleasant smell of fresh hay and horses. In the back Toldin had the children lined up, and was pulling an large tin washtub from the storage room.


"Eye that this'n ad be better than ther trough. Nay children wanna be climbin in where the animals a been drinkin'."


Zenani shooed Toldin away. "Put it in this empty stall over here and go. Ive a lot more experience at this than you", she smiled firmly. Toldin did not need much encouragement to pass the duties off.


Zennai gathered the children, talking little to them into a group and sat them down. The children devoured the bread and cheese, probably not having been fed all day. There was plenty go to around. Once the children were eating. Zennai began to pray over the tub, warm water springing from her hands and filling the basin with as sizable torrent."


Singing sofly in Elvish, she takes one of the childen up, leads them into the clean stall, and strips off the dirty and ragged clothes from the child. The hurts and wounds she finds underneath fill her heart with sorrow. She prays thanks that her Goddesss has given her the ablilty to heal the children, if only physically.


When the child is done, Toldin surprises her by standing outside the stall with a stack of tablecloths and some large scissors. With a few deft measurements and cuts, Toldin turns the

tablecloth into a pair of breeches and a tunic. A strange hand held sewing device humms in his hand, and sews the seams while still on the child.


As this process continues, Toldin looks up. "Sometin has to be done about this. Kurith is goin off to stop this war, and Im a thinkin a goin with her."

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"May Angharradh bless your path, Toldin. Um. I'm not sure if I'd be any practical use on campaign... and I may be needed here... but whatever I can do to help, wherever I can best be of use, it would be my pleasure.


"Right... next for the tub. You - yes, the elf with hair as silver as mine - strip off and jump in!"



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Toldin nodds. "But what if we come upon any others like this? Who canna be offerin em healing? I can nay do it, cept for a potion here or there. I think yee'd be well welcomed. Its nay what yer used to, but tis odd times".

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"All right, then. Provided you'll take care of me... Short of lobbing a rolling pin at anyone who disturbs me in the kitchen, my fighting abilities are minimal!


"Hold still, dear - almost done."


Zenani, scrubbing behind the elf-waif's ears.

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