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The D100 body is old, but it should still work just fine if there isn't any mechanical problem.


I wouldn't expect any problems using the 28-300 (Sigma lens?) either.


When shooting miniatures, you'll want to treat them just like shooting portraits, but because you're shooting macro, you'll want to use more light than you would with a 1:1 scale person. I'd recommend using a softbox. (Search on "ghetto softbox" and you should be able to find the (minimal) instructions necessary to build one for under $2.)


Place your camera securely in place somewhere near its closest point of focus away from the lit figure. A tripod can be helpful here.


Zoom in until the figure fills most of the height of the viewfinder or you can't zoom in any more.


Using aperture priority mode, set your aperture relatively small (f16 or smaller).


Let the camera pick an exposure time that will work with the available light.


Take the picture.


If you find yourself getting motion blur, consider using the self-timer or a remote shutter release.


If the image is too dark or light, adjust your exposure time.


That's pretty much it.

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With a DSLR you really don't need a macro mode, especially with a longish telephoto.


If you want especially painful photos, you can use a dedicated macro (Nikon calls it "Micro") lens to show every possible gritty surface and slightly rough blend, but a 300mm lens should be adequately painful for most purposes.




For the softbox, five minutes, some parchment paper and a scrap cardboard box should do it. Just add light and you're good to go.


I look forward to your pics.



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