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I didn't see a hello world board, so I figured I'd post here. I'm a D&D gamer, and started painted minis because I enjoyed having them in the game. I've only been painting a few months, and have just recently started taking it more seriously, reading up, and watching YouTube videos. I'm pretty excited as I see this adding some direction to my spare time. I went through some of the Reaper "How to Paint" kits back before an 11 stint of military training, but I'm basically starting over with a pack of 24 minis my brother uses in his game (he was keeping them in a gallon zip lock bag). I started a blog so that I can keep up with my own progress, here are two I recently finished. I'm actually proud of the basilisk. It looks pretty cool on the table.



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Welcome to the looney bin my friend. I have just started painting again after a 12 year period of not painting and these forums have been amazing in helping me progress. They will all welcome you with open arms, and we love seeing painted minis of all shapes sizes colors and skill levels.


As for your minis, they are very nice if I must say so. The basilisk especially draws my attention looks like you are starting to do a little blending and highlighting on him and it looks pretty good from what I can see. The picture is a little dark, so you might want to find a way of adding some light without washing out the miniature, a do it yourself light box is linked in the photography forum and is what I use to take pictures of my minis. They say to use 3 lights, I use one and get decent results, not anything that compares to a professional lightbox though.


The night is a great tabletop mini and I am sure is excellent on the table, since you said you are wanting to improve I will offer you a few things that will help you. The armor would really pop more if you basecoated it in a darker metallic, then washed it with a dark black/brown wash, then go over the armor again with the metallic, leaving the area the wash shaded showing in the deeper recesses. Then wash it again. You can then mix highlights with a lighter silver and work your way up to the brightest points of the armor to make it look like it is worn rather than brand spankin new. Same idea with the sword. Your face looks pretty good and I can see you added dots to the eyes.


Anyway, I am rambling, welcome to the forums, keep painting and I can't wait to see more of your minis soon.

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