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Attacking in Round 1

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I did mean "can't". I was thinking we could suggest some things for armies that can't dart across the board, like the Razig players. That way players don't start feeling hopeless about the scenario. There is always a counter strategy.


Razig players actually have one of the easiest ways to kill priests of anyone in the game. Using the Dark Maiden's Shore Bombardment Warlord Ability, she has the potential to fire a 3'' AoE template with Pierce straight into the Priests zone as a Free Action. Depending on how the opponent moves their priests you could easily kill one or more in this fashion. There's always a way :)


The priest are pre-deployed, right? So to flatten them you'll need initiative, hopefully twice so you can move them and build the wall of troops around them. I agree that this is the best strategy for dealing with the 1st round charges.



Since it's standard deployment, your deployment zone could be centered right on top of your priests also. That means you could deploy all around them to start with. Or build their safe zone along the back of the board so that you only need the single initiative. 5 round is plenty of time to make your way over to their totem and the defensive armies might even have a better chance at defiling the totem than the 1st round rush armies.


The priests have a fixed deployment location, as you will note on the photo of the scenario that Gus posted. They end up being about 4'' - 8'' from the edge of your standard deployment area.


So yes, since the priests activate on their own init card, you would need to win 2 inits before your opponent completes their deep strike to safely shield them in order to both flatten them against the back corner and move another normal troop in to block.


Alternately as you suggest, you could create a pocket along the back edge of your normal deployment zone surrounded by strong defenders, win the first init, then run your priest troop into that pocket in your deployment zone for safety. Note that the priest movement is only 4'', so they wont be able to run very far so take that into account.


You cannot however deploy straight on top of the priests, since they are setup in the 1 foot square area immediately adjacent to your normal deployment area.

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What are your tactics for reaching out and getting to those priests and totems before the enemy even knows what happened!




Hang back, wait for the other guy to come to you, and then wipe him off the map.



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