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10 of 10.


Shown as they will be on the model:







Left Side:










Right Side:






And as a special bonus, I finished the base. It's in the middle of knocking over a stalagmite I based the stalagmites on some we saw in a cave in Ireland:


post-140-13091463900499.jpg post-140-13091463996914.jpg



So, the basic sculpting is done. Now I just have to cut off the front half of the model, hollow it out, remove the wires, fit the eye stalks, and then fix anything I damage doing the previous activities.



As always, comments and critiques are very welcome.



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Wow, Andy, that looks fantastic! Terrific work! And welcome back! I hope you had a nice vacation!




The week at the conference was very long...I don't like Vegas much. Last week we had vacation in Ely MN at a cabin. It was nice, but it rained for three days (hence all the sculpting I got done). I'm glad to be back to my normal life.



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