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Starfly? Fire Trek?

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OK, you got my attention, but for some reason the image isn't showing; just a little box with that dreaded red X in it. When I R-click/properties on it then copy its address & try it in my browser, I get a "You are not authorized to view this page" message (which is different from the "Forbidden By Ratings Check" message that I'm more accustomed to, so I suspect it's not just the corporate web filter censor thingies at this end blocking me for once).


Maybe it's because I run ie6 here; I'll check later from home where I have a better browser anyhow, if I remember... I only hope it's half as awesome as the image a friend sent me a couple days ago, which depicts Betty White wearing Leia's slave-girl getup from Jabba's pleasure barge brandishing a flaming chainsaw while riding a centaur with John Ritter's head through a bleak and desolate volcanic landscape... 'Cause there's only so much awesome a man can take in one week.



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Nah it looks like the picture was actually either taken down or had some off-site linking security measures incorporated... but just picture if you will the entire firefly cast in their star-trek counterparts uniform and you'll have the gist of the picture.. I found it to be quite scary :P

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