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Faction I play: none at the moment. No one around here wants to play. ::(:


Favorite faction: Elves, even though the dragon is still overcosted IMO.


But grabbing a few DH line of human fighters (we had 3 DH's Orba Sinhans, now 2 ^_^ , in the store as they don't sell) and painting them, along with other DH figures I have and some older non-Reaper mini's I now have about 1000 points of Mercs. I like the paint scheme I came up with (red and blue then washed with black ink darkens those colors nicely) so I like my Mercs.


Then there's the "Reven" faction, with only 2 wolves and one hellhound from DH line as the only Reaper minis. The rest are "troll" miniatures from Runequest/Glorantha that haven't seen the light of day for years; the 3 "trollkin"/goblin riders have the already-mentioned mounts (trollkins work well for goblins). Plus I have the hill giant from the Ral Partha AD&D line. Now those minis have a purpose again. (can't get players around here away from D&D/Pathfinder fantasy RPG so no RQ playing :down: ). I have a 1000 pt army of those, but it does include a Totem of Battle (using Pillar of Evil).


I also have a few "dragonnewts" from RQ that need painting and those eventually could be part of a small Reptus skirmish band.


Thanks, Reaper, for allowing us to use any miniatures for Warlord.


- Glen

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Top Posters In This Topic

Assembled/based 47 minis and primered 85 minis this afternoon. No more silver minis for me... if the speed holds true they'll be white now for another 6-18 months. ::D:

Up to 178 Reven - 5648 pts

70 Crusaders -3498 pts


I have a little more Reven than that in numbners, because I have a huge force of goblins, and at least one of almost everything else.


I have been lucky getting them. I got about a forth of the non-goblins when MiniatureMarket had them at 66% off, another fourth I got for a buck a mini in a big mixed collection, another fourth I got for free from Miniature giant for having referral points. I bought three Reaper cases from a store on ebay and each came with 5 CAVs. A friend traded them at R-con a few years ago and I got about 100 dhl goblins. So, I've been very fortunate in acquiring my reven, which is my favorite faction.





Gronkelfibbets and Mazak

Neeek x 4

Gonda x 4


Goblin Warriors/Rangers x 150ish

Ogg, Goblin Beastrider x2

Goblin Beastrider x 6


Kiakara, Queen of Khans, Bull Orc

Varaug the Great, Bull Orc x 2

Dantral, Half-Orc

Gronk Spliteye, Bugbear

Kagunk, Ogre

Narg Bloodtusk, Bull Orc

Nor'Okk, Ettin

Gakalath, Orc

Kak'Urg, Orc

Kharg, Bull Orc x 2

Urga, Beastman x 2

Bloodmane, Gnoll Champion

Gaaguk, Bull Orc Berserker

Gankorak, Orc

Gurm, Ogre x 2

Korgug, Bugbear Bully x 2

Ombur Skulltooth, Bull Orc x 3

Skralla the Black, Goblin x 2

Traeg, Beastman Hero

Yagun Oog, Ogre Mage

Beastman Woodcutter 9

Bull Orc Archer 6

Bull Orc Berserker 6

Bull Orc Fighter 6

Bull Orc Hunter 6

Gnoll Archer 1

Harpy 4

Ogre Warrior 3

Hill Giant 1

Nhoolyan, Hunting Beast 3

Greka, Shaman x 2

Lurgh, Half-Orc Assassin x 2

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