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A sad note..

Duke Zazen

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One of my favorite mini sculptors for a while now has been Bob Olley, his drapery effects for clothing and depth of facial detail has always amazed me. Certainly Klocke and the newer Garrity's are breathtaking, butI've always looked forward to his reaper pieces, now I guess he won't be doing much work in the future for Reaper though. because...




sigh, I don't want to pay shipping from Jolly Olde England, hopefully someone will distribute these on this side of that accursed pond..

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Werner has his own company (based out of Germany but the same problem & even more expensive shipping costs!!) so I don't think Bob, will drop Reaper as one of his outlet for sculpts.


So you probably don't have anything to worry about.


Randy M

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I'm gonna slap you.  For a second I thought he had died or been in a bad accident...



Heh! I thought the same thing.


I hope he keeps putting out Reaper figures as well, he does some of the best ogres that I have ever seen.


I like his dwarfs too.


I have hopes, Sandra Garrity does work for just about every company under the sun, and her Reaper figures keep coming out.


The Auld Grump, infrequent visitor from another planet...

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The shipping charges looked pretty reasonable.  On a 20-30 pound order, you're only paying 5 pounds for shipping to the US.


Werner Klockes co., Freebooter, isn't that bad either.  For Freebooter, don't look at the regular shipping chart.  There is a special page for international orders where they updated US shipping.  You can now make an order through Freebooter to the U.S. for around $10-$12.  Tha'ts not that bad when I cosider my average mail order within the US being between $5 and $9.  Ordering direct from Confrontation is 20 euro, which I believe is about $24.  That is a bad shipping price.

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