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Warlord Datacards

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Alright, in the past I'm pretty sure Gus has made it clear that once in print a faction is considered finished, and that we are very unlikely to see current factions expanded; rather additional work on warlord will be done on new factions, and new products.


However, let's play what if?


If you could pick a single datacard to add to each individual faction, what would you add? Do the Reven need an Ogre Warlord? Do the Dwarves need another Elite? What would you give your faction, but more importantly why does your faction need it? This isn't so much about plugging holes (although it might be) but what would make your faction even more cool and more fun to play!


So I'll start with a few:


Dwarves: Without a doubt it would be great if the Dwarves had another Elite in my mind. My personal vote would be for another cleric model, a non-unique 2-track, DV 10, MAV 3, #MA:2, 3/6 Divine Tome. I guess in my mind classic D&D dwarves are two character classes, fighters, and clerics, and I don't think the faction quite captures that, and I think the addition of this model would really do the trick without unbalancing the game. (I have to admit I would really like to see an Elemental Elite like the Lesser Golem the BSG have, but I think a minor cleric would probably be a Cooler and more vialbe option; I likewise wouldn't knock back the idea of a Dwarf Berserker Sergeant).


Anyway, I have plenty of others for various factions, but I'll stop here for now.


So what would you add tot he game?

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A useful addition would be ranged leaders for darkreach.


A raider leader is missing and also the shiver spikes hanging around without leader. I'd like to use Shiver Spikes or Raider with Leader as an own troop and not combines with other melee power. I also wonder why there is a cool elite raider model when they didn't even get a seargent.


Something like:

Serodiell, the defiled Raider

2 DT,


Dis 6

DV 9

MD 13

SA: Raider, Stealth, Dodge/1



MA 2 SA: Poison,Parry


Rav 4

RA 2 SA: Poison, Parry

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Not sure i'd jump on board with a Ranged leader (I think the cleric sergeant they have is pretty snazzy), but I have to agree 100% that the Darkreach would really have benefitted from a leader with Ranger/X of some sort given both their Ranger units are without Band. Good call. I guess the Darkreach are one of several factions that have several units that probably work best when used in split troops (meaning different units that you split up once deployed on the battlefield).

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Icingstead needs another solo, I think in the 40-80 point range. Stats don't matter just another solo option.



The Lupines need a cheap monster too. They had one in Beta that I used a lot. It was 45ish.

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Vampires need some human crossbowmen. That would be very cool. Some furry-hat Cosacks with crossbows and long knives, ready to obey their masters every wish, promised riches and protection. Sigh.

Reptus need an Elite Turtle that can only attach to other turtle models.

Mercs...might need a monster solo. Might. They are dang near perfect as is.

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