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A basic question on bases


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I've recently filed for divorce with Warhammer due to some of their practices. I've decided to start seeing Warlord instead. The rulebook is ordered and on the way, but you know how the postal service is. Warlord and I may not get to see each other for weeks!


Now, as time goes on I hope to build full armies of Reaper miniatures, but in the meanwhile I've got a half dozen small armies of Warhammer pieces, many painted. I'll probably use them with a wargaming buddy to learn the rules. I know that there are some differences in basing between Warlord and WH. I've been able to figure out from various threads that the 'standard' base size in the army lists is 25mm x 25mm. What I'd like to know is what the other base sizes are - cavalry, large, giant, and any others. I'd like to re-base some things between bouts of staring longingly at the mail box.

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